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You can't.

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Q: How do you unlock Wrigley Field in NHL 2K10?
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Should you get NHL 10 even though your parents got you NHL 2k10?

Trade in NHL 2K10 for whatever value you can get for it and put that against NHL 10. 2K10 is garbage.

Does nhl 2k10 come with a cheat?


Which is game better NHL 10 or NHL 2K10?

I've only played 2k10 but from what I've heard nhl10 is much better

Can you create a player in NHL 2k10?


Is nhl 2k10 coming out for the psp?

No it is not

When will NHL 2k10 come out?

September 13 or 14

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How do you disable Wii motion plus on nhl 2k10?


How do you get the winter classic on nhl 2k10 for Wii?

its IMPOSSIBLE for wii

Does NHL 2k10 have john tavares in it?

Yes he plays for the Chicago Blackhawks

Is there going to be NHL 2010 for Wii?

Yes, there is a 2k10 and a 2k11, but 2k11 is the last.

Who is the best player in NHL 2K10?

alex ovechkin because his overall is 99