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to unlock tak beat the season (without being defeated)

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โˆ™ 2009-06-17 20:58:14
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Q: How do you unlock Tak in Nicktoons Basketball?
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When did Nicktoons Basketball?

Nicktoons Basketball happened in 2004.

When did Nicktoons Basketball happen?

Nicktoons Basketball happened in 2004.

How do you get jenny in Nicktoons attack of the toybots Wii?

To unlock Jenny in Nicktoons Toybots for Wii, first play as Tak in the factory 3 zone at entry point 5. You must beat all of the evil toys in the Master Model Chamber and that will unlock Jenny.

When was Nicktoons Basketball created?

Nicktoons Basketball was created on 2004-09-11.

What are the passcodes for nicktoons attack of the toybots?

tak invaderzim jenny jenny

Can you unlock spongebob3 Danny phantom3 in nicktoons attack of the toybots for ds?

yes you can. i did.

What does assist mean in nicktoons basketball?

You pass the ball to a player and then that player scores.

How do you unlock every player in Mario slam basketball?

how to unlock new players in Mario slam basketball

What are the worst TV shows of Nicktoons Network?

In my opinion the worst shows of Nicktoons are: 1. EL TIGRE 2. EDGAR AND ELLEN 3. TAK AND THE POWER OF JUJU 4. RANDOM! CARTOONS 5. MIGHTY B!

In Nicktoons Freeze Frame Frenzy after you beat the game how do you unlock zim?

To unlock Invader Zim, all you have to do is to take pictures of everyone, and i do mean EVERYONE in EVERY world!

How do you unlock mystery driver on Nicktoons racing on Nintendo DS?

You need to come first in all 3 Cups

How do you unlock gir in attack of the toybots?

Ok just finish the game. that's how I did it. But there should be a code also. I found out on some website that the code is tak Danny tak jenny. that's what I heard.

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