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In order to unlock Brett Favre in Madden 09 Wii, you have to switch the packers to a past team. Brett Favre will then appear. PS you spelled Brett Favre Wrong

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โˆ™ 2008-11-19 03:13:13
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Q: How do you unlock Brett Favre in Madden for Wii?
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How come I don't have Brett Favre on my Madden 2010 football game for wii?

You have to unlock him

How do you unlock Brett Favre and Michael Vick in madden 10 for Wii?

You don't have to unlock them. Go online and update your rosters and you will get them.

Will Brett Favre be in Madden NFL 10 for the Wii?

Yes. John Madden took back his game and put Brett Favre and Michael Vick in it.

Can you switch Brett Favre to a team in madden 09 for wii?

To get Brett Favre on a team all you have to do update your rosters for example when you are on wifi it asks you to save your rosters save them it will automatically update your rosters he should be on the free agents list or on the Jets

Are there cheat codes for Madden NFL 10?

Yes there are. On the Wii, the cheat code to unlock everything is, THEWORKS.

How do you celebrate on Wii Madden 08?

You cant but on Madden Wii 2009 you can I have it

Can you play Madden 09 DS on Wii?

You can't. You would need to play Madden 09 for Wii on the Wii!

Is Madden 2010 for Wii?

Of course! Go to Family Video and get a Wii Madden 2010!

Does walmart have Wii game madden 10?

No but they have a wii game madden nfl 13

Madden 2010 for PSP or Wii?

Wii boy!

Is madden 12 available on Wii?

Yes, I have it for Wii.

Does madden 10 for wii have superstar mode?

Yes it does, in the cheat menu you have to type in EGOBOOST too get it. Or you could type in THEWORKS to unlock everythign

How do you unlock the Wii cups on Mario kart Wii?

To unlock cups on Mario kart wii, you have to complete the available cups, to unlock others.

Is there any new features on Madden 10 for the Wii?

No.+there is no madden 10

How do you unlock the gomba for Mario Kart Wii?

there is no goomba to unlock in Mario kart wii

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How do you play Madden NFL for wii?

you play it

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