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Q: How do you trick an opponent in volleyball?
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What is kicking kataw?

kicking kataw is similar to volleyball, but you only use your feet to kick to the opponent's side. You can also can do trick shot only with feet.

How to goal in volleyball?

It is how to score a goal, in volleyball u have to keep it in the air and if the ball lands on the floor the side it landed on the opponent

Where is fancy footwork used.?

Soccer. It is used to trick your opponent

In volleyball what does it mean to smash the ball overarm into the opponent's court?

That would be spiking the ball

In volleyball what is the illegal move by the serving team where they conceal the serve from the opponent?

isn't it called screening?

What is the trick to tic tac toe?

There really isn't a trick... It's mostly luck Unless of course you can get an opponent tricked into picking a box that benefits only you

What is opponent error in volleyball?

When a team earns a point because the opposing team has broken a rule of regulation, such as going out of bounds.

Why do you only use your hands when playing volleyball?

Because you can hardly hit the the ball with your feet and return it to your opponent exactly check.................

What does roof mean in volleyball?

A roof is a term where you block your opponent's spike and the ball hits the floor immediately

What does receive mean in volleyball?

Receiving in volleyball means that the opponent is severing and you are going to receive the ball.

What is pannas in fifa street 2?

a panna is a trick in which you roll the ball through your opponent 's legs. to do this trick just move your right analog stick down (move it in the downward postion).

How do you achieve a spike in volleyball?

You jump high enough to clear the net and hit the ball in a downward tragectory towards the floor on the opponent's side of the net.