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A shooting guards main responsibility is to take good shots, especially three pointers and important shots. To become a point guard you must have good dribbling and passing skills, and be able to drive well.

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umm. you dont being the shooting guard is the most important. i personally take over the point guard position when beeing asked by coach. shooting guard is his/her own and the point guard put in one. just you dont realize it yet.

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Q: How do you transition from a shooting guard to a point guard?
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Is Richard Hamilton a shooting guard or a point guard?

shooting guard

What is the difference between point guard and a shooting guard?

A point guard dribbles the ball up the court. A shooting guard doesn't.

Is point guard and shooting guard the same position?

no point guard gets the ball to other people on the team there is no such ting as a shooting guard!

Is derek rose a point guard or shooting guard?

point guard

What is a shooting guard's position on a basketball court?

THe shooting guard is often referred to as the "2" guard. Basically, the point guard is responsible for bring ball down and running the offense, penetrating and dishing to other players. The shooting guard is the other guard that will setup at the 3 point line for example and wait for the point guard to penetrate and draw his man, that way the point guard can dish to the shooting guard for the shot.

Did Maurice Cheeks usually play as a shooting guard or a point guard?

He played point guard

When people say guard do they refer to point guard or shooting guard?

Well, if they say 2 guard that means a shooting guard like Kobe, if they say guard it's like a point guard like Steve Nash.

Is Kobe Bryant a point guard?

He shooting guard.

What is the difference between a shooting guard and a point guard?

The point guard brings the ball up the court.

What does the shooting gaurd do?

a shooting guard specializes in 3 point range shooting

Did Michael Jordan play point guard?

no he was shooting guard

What does a guard do in basketball?

there are two types of guards in the NBA, a point and a shooting guard. the point guard is known for their quickness, dribbling and passing abilities where as a shooting guard is normally taller than the point in size and can knock down shoots from anywhere on the floor.

What is role of two guards in basketball?

point guard and shooting guard

What is the position of Dwyane Wade?

Shooting Guard but he can play point guard to

What is position does Kobe play on the Lakers?

point guard or shooting guard

What are the 2 types of guards in basketball?

Point guard and shooting guard

What position does the best ball handler has?

point guard-shooting guard

Does a point guard or shooting guard run the most?

Post runs the most because they have to get back and cover the paint. But, out of those two shooting guard.

What is a sg in basketball?

Well, a sg is short for Shooting Guard. He is the guy who is on the wing beside the point guard, and shoots often, (hence Shooting Guard)

What is shooting guard in basketball?

A shooting guard is a postion in basketball where you mainly stay at the perimeter of the three point line and shoot

Who is taller point guard or shooting guard?

usually the point guard is smaller because the shooting guard may have to come in and get a rebound if the other team is strong . there isn't really a huge height difference between the two .

What position did pete maravich play?

point guard but mostly shooting guard

Is dewayne wade a shooting guard or point guard?

Dwayne Wade is a SG.

What are 3 positions in basketball?

Point guard, Shooting guard, Power forward

What function does a rear basketball guard do?

There is no such position as a "rear basketball guard." There is a point guard and a shooting guard only.