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thats impossible

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Q: How do you transfer soccer manager players with out the smfa blocking it?
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How do you buy players on soccer manager?

you dont lololololololo

Can you transfer players on Fifa Soccer 12?

Yes and you get deadline day on it aswell!

What is a soccer transfer period?

It's the period when teams are allowed to buy an sell players.

What are the sources of income for soccer players?

Their salary, percentage of transfer fee and advertising deals.

Does anyone know when flash soccer manager 2011 will be out on

this will be out in January after the transfer window is about to close

How do you get a lot of money on soccer manager?

sell a load of players for 2,000 more than they are supposed to

What does a soccer coach do in his job?

Set the tactics. Tells the manager the buy certain players. Coach. Motivate.

How do you transfer players on pro evolution soccer 6 for Xbox 360?

go to Edit Resger Plyer

How does England pick its world cup team?

The manager (Roy Hodgson) chooses the top English soccer players

Can a socialist view be applied to soccer?

Teams are composed of individuals, that are in turn organized by a manager that generally tells them what to do in the field. Soccer is inherently socialist because it has a vertical, top-down structure in which the power is at the top. Nevertheless, a well-organized team with a top manager and bad players will be at a disadvantage against an unorganized team of world-class players without a manager. Just as a politician cannot do much to improve society, a soccer manager--although important--has limited options to improve his team.

When did FIFA Soccer Manager happen?

FIFA Soccer Manager happened in 1997.

When was FIFA Soccer Manager created?

FIFA Soccer Manager was created in 1997.