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Use your whole body (hips, legs, etc) to throw the ball as hard as you can at a 45 degree angle and remember to follow through.

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Q: How do you throw a tennis ball far?
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Why does a tennis ball go far if you throw it?

When you throw the tennis ball, it flies for a distance before dropping down because when you throw the tennis ball, you use force, which is transferred to the tennis ball, which then converts to kinetic energy (movement energy), to allow the tennis ball to go far.

How do you serve in table tennis?

you throw the ball in the air and hit it

Does the kid in E.T. throw a baseball or a tennis ball in to the garage?

a Baseball

Does weight affect how far a catapult launches a tennis ball?

Yes, weight can affect how far a catapult launches a tennis ball. A heavier weight in the catapult can generate more force and potential energy, which can result in the tennis ball being launched further. However, the weight must be balanced and optimized to ensure the catapult operates efficiently and effectively.

If you have a tennis ball but you are not playing tennis and there is nothing in front of you so if you throw it it wont hit anything You throw it doesn't hit anything and comes back to you how?

You are lying on your back, looking up at the sky, and throwing it upwards. Earth's gravity will make the tennis ball come back to you.

Does mud on a tennis ball affect the height of its bounce?

not as far as you know is not a good answer because it does not explain. the mud will make the tennis ball heavier and denser if it has water in it the ball heavy wont go far for its bounce.

How far can you throw a ping pong ball when there is no wind?

Depends on how fast you throw it... ;)

Homemade mini bomb?

Get a Tennis Ball put White-Out and Lead into it Light the outside of the Ball Throw it (Don't get in the way)

What is good training for a hockey goalie?

Have a friend or somebody take a tennis ball and throw at the wall and you try to catch the ball.

How is serving legally performed in table tennis?

To legally serve in table tennis, You must throw the ball six inches up in the air, and you MUSN'T contact the ball over the table.

Do people usually throw a softball baseball or a tennis ball farther?

easily a baseball, try it.

Is it true that Henry VIII was to fat that his servants had to throw the ball up for him to play tennis?