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you have to hold the wii remote up..... the black sensor should be facing up and the B button should be facing toward you. It is really hard to throw so do get mad if you can't throw it sometimes. It is really nasty.

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โˆ™ 2009-09-15 21:56:59
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Q: How do you throw a knuckleball in little league World Series?
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When was Little League World Series created?

Little League World Series was created in 1947.

When did the little league World Series start?

The little league world series started in 1947.

When was Little League World Series Baseball created?

Little League World Series Baseball was created in 2008.

Which pitcher pitched in little league World Series and Major League Baseball World Series?

Jason Marquis pitched for the South Shore American Little League in the 1991 Little League World Series and the St. Louis Cardinals in the 2004 MLB World Series.

What sports does the 'Little League World Series' focus on?

The 'Little League World Series' focus on baseball. Every year, the focus of the Little League World Series is placed on the 16 baseball teams that come from South Williamsport.

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Ed Vosberg and Jason Varitek were the only baseball players to appear in the Little League World Series, the College World Series and Major League Baseball's World Series.

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LLWS refers to the Little League World Series. You have to be a participant in an accredited Little League program to be included in the nationwide tournament that leads to the World Series.

When did little league World Series begin?


When was the first little league world series?


What year did northwood little league make it to the World Series?

1987. Northwood lost to Taiwan in the championship game in the 1987 Little League World Series.

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you cant You can if you live in the boundaries of any Little League program that earns their way to the World Series. The teams that play in the Little League World Series, are made up of players from a league. The league has boundaries the players must come from within. The teams must play in a series of different tournaments at different levels before they qualify for the World Series. Normally the levels of All Star Tournaments are District, Sections or State, Division, Regional and then the World Series. I am a 32 year volunteer with Little League International.

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