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Q: How do you test a an NFL football helmet for strength?
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What is wording on all NFL helmets?

Riddell-The official football helmet of the NFL

What is the only NFL football team without a logo on the side of the helmet?


Who is bow legged in the NFL?

the guys who just hit it the privates by a football helmet run bowlegged.

Where should you buy football helmets?

At the sportfever in the mall.but there is only one nfl helmet left cost $50

Where can a person purchase a helmet in the colors of the Pittsburgh Steelers?

A person can purchase a helmet in the colors of the Pittsburgh Steelers from the following online stores; NFL Shop, FansEdge, Football Fanatics, and TheFind.

How many helmet to helmet tackles are there in the NFL every year?


What helmet does Chris Johnson wear?

An NFL-issue Liddell helmet.

What skills are needed to be in the nfl?

A lot of speed and strength as well as natural football talent. And of course, you have to know the game.

Which year did the nfl introduce radios in helmets?

The NFL first introduced radios in helmets in 1956. However, they were later banned until 1994, and the original radio helmet is now in the football Hall of Fame.

What are the NFL rules about leading with helmet?


What does TD stand for on NFL helmet?


Can I custom build a high school helmet into a NFL or NCAA helmet and sell it without a Licence?