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you can just ask your parents to ask your coach.

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Q: How do you tell your baseball coach you want to be a catcher if your shy?
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When can you substitute a catcher in baseball?

Whenever you want.

How do you tell your soccer coach that you want to switch positions without seeming rude?

Just tell him that you want to try something new.

What does are you a pitcher or a catcher mean?

Of the nine positions in baseball, pitcher and catcher are the 2 most critical, requiring the greatest level of skill. These 2 players touch the ball on virtually every pitch and therefore have the greatest impact on the outcome of the game. So when a coach is assembling his team, he'll often ask prospective players if they are a pitcher or catcher because those are the first positions he'll want to fill.

How do you tell your committed basketball coach you want to quit?

Tell him sadly that you just dont want to play basketball anymore and you think your no good

What did George W Bush want to do before he was president?

Coach baseball teams.

What are signs of a fake Coach bag?

Fake coach bags are sometimes hard to tell from the originals. Fake coach bags tend to be cheaper than the real ones, and they are less sturdy. If you want to be sure, buy a bag from a trusted retailer or buy the bag online from the coach website.

What equipments used in baseball?

All you need for equipment to play baseball, is a bat, glove, and a bat. if you are playing in an organized league, you need to buy a helmet, and you will probably want some batting gloves. If you are playing the position of catcher, you need to have a special catcher's glove, and catchers equipment, which consists of a catcher's mask, chest protector, and knee pads. (The knee pads cover from the knee to the top of the foot.)

What can be a common unexpected fear when catching a baseball?

dropping it, don't drop it unless you want your team, coach, and everyone watching mad at you.

Can you wear a face mask in major league baseball?

Only if you are a catcher. Fielders wouldn't want one because it would interfere with their fielding of the ball.

Will someone please tell me who Michael blinderman is i really want to know please help me?

Michael Blinderman is an acting coach, casting director.

When do college baseball catchers start calling the pitches instead of the coach?

My coach didn't let me start calling the pitches until it was obvious I was doing as good if not a better job than him. Looking over charts and patterns for hitters and the weakness in each hitter helps as a tool. If you as a catcher use those tools you make yourself a better pitch caller as you see first hand why they missed a pitch. Some catchers don't want to worry about the pitch calling.

Why do you think that radio refused to tell coach Jones who it was that told him to go into the girls' locker room?

He felt embarrassed about it and he didn't want to snitch on Johnny. So he just kept everything to himself, but eventually Coach Jones figured out who it was.

In baseball do the pitcher and catcher form?

I think you are asking what they form. If that is what you want to know, they are called "The Battery," because they work together to try and get the batter out. The catcher makes hand signals for the pitcher to see telling him what type of pitch to throw. The pitcher will either nod or shake his head to let the catcher know if that is the pitch he wants to deliver or not.

What education is needed to become a good coach?

Self Education is a must to become a good coach first.

Why does the black coach not want to be the head coach in Remember the Titans?

because of all the racism

How do you pitch like a professional baseball player?

How do You pitch like a professional baseball player? Well first things first you have to be able to command the strike zone with your accuracy and speed. You could throw 78 mph, as long as you don't leave any of your pitches up in the zone for the batter to hit... And better have a dirty curveball, slider, sinker, etc... Another thing is your mentality. You can't go pitch a game thinking that your going to get absolutely rocked, and will have no chance in winning. You have to be confident with yourself and your pitches. Another thing is that you have to be confident in your catcher 24/7 with your pitches. You won't want a catcher who can't even block! Also you have to be confident on how the cather calls a game. If your cather gives you a pitch and you shake it off, make shure that you tell him why, so he can understand why. And also make shure you can talk with people without bitching at them all the time too, or they won't like you... period. I know all of this because I play high school baseball, and our pitching coach was in the pro's. I'm a catcher so I should know all this stuff too. Your Welcome.

What is a real life example of using accuracy and precision?

When throwing a baseball, you want to throw it accurately into the catcher's glove. Your precision is how closely you throw the ball into or around that same spot in his/her glove.

Fake coach bags?

Sorry, but coach bags are illegal and if you want one you have to buy it at a store.

What college course to take to be a track coach?

you want to be a middle/high school coach? be a teacher first.

Where is sam hardwidge an ice skating coach?

I know the answer but who are you and why do you want to know where my coach works?

This coach bag is good?

please show you handbags, if you want to buy this coach handbags you can to this link to buy it...

How can you be famous for singing?

You should first start by getting a vocal coach if you don't already have one. Go from there. Tell your coach that you want to become famous for singing and they can probably help you achieve that goal. You need to remember to practing every day. That's what Selena Gomez and Sierra Boggess do.

How can you tell a boy i love you?

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How many people want to be a coach?


Should you tell your coaches or teachers if your parent is verbally abusive?

You can't go around proving that someone is something, whether they are an abuser, an alcoholic, drug addict etc. If the parent is an abuser, people usually can tell if they don't know already. You can tell the coach kind of what is going on and home and I'm sure the coach can figure it out. Most people don't want to get involved in domestic disputes, however and probably won't if the abuse is "just" verbal. ~ T YES!!!!!!!!