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see what gets hit most.. either trial and error or ask someone who plays..

what sport?

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Q: How do you tell what joint protector to use?
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Who is Odysseus' protector and What does it tell us about him?

Athena protects him.

How do you use protctor?

He came as a protector and an angel to her. This is a sentence using the word protector.

What use is the protector in diamond?

link trade Rhydon while holding the protector to make it evolve

Is protector a noun?

Yes, "protector" is a noun, a singular, common noun, a word for someone or something that protects someone or something. The noun protector is a concrete or abstract noun, depending on use; for example: A pocket protector or a splash protector is a concrete noun. A friend and protector or a protector of the faith is an abstract noun.

What chest protector does Yadier Molina use?

Yadier Molina uses the Rawlings 950Z chest protector

What happens if you put a mirror screen protector over a privacy screen protector?

Putting a mirror screen protector over a privacy screen protector will only add bulk to the phone screen. Instead, you can choose a screen protector that gives enough protection in all aspects. You can try the one that I use. I use a screen protector from gadgetshieldz. It protects my screen without adding any bulk to it and also self heals scratches.

Can you tell me names of 4 wood joints?

Butt joint Mortise and tenon Dovetail Corner joint finger joint

What does the item protector do in Pokemon?

Well, do you have a Rhydon, because you'll need it if you wnat to put the Protector to use. Give the Protector to a Rhydon and trade it. After the trade is done, the Rhydon will evolve into a Rhyperior.

What did Anubis use to fight?

Most likely the flail as protector of the dead.

How do you make zero degree angle with protector or compass?

Use a ruler

What is the purpose of the HP data protector?

The purpose of the HP data protector is to securely protect your software, applications, and systems. The software is easy to use, and requires very little technical experience to use, with its automated design.

How can a rotation joint be used in football?

Hip joint is rotation joint. You can not imagine playing foot ball without the use of this joint.