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IF you read other answers that said the NOSE was the BIGGER end and the TAIL is the SMALLER end their wrong just skate with the smaller end in front and see how you perform

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Q: How do you tell the front from the back of a skateboard?
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How do you tell the difference between the back and front of the skateboard?

the front or 'nose' is slightly larger than the back or 'tail'

How do you 360flip on a skateboard?

back foot-360 pop shove it front foot-kickflip

How to do a olly on a skateboard?

pop the back with your foot and move your front foot forward to level out the board.

IS there a front and back to a skateboard?

Yes the tail (the back end) is where your skateboard graphics looks upside down when you look at the bottom. The Nose( the front is when you look at your board griptape side down and your nose is where your graphics are pointing up and look nice and sweet.

How to you place your feet on a skateboard?

put the skateboard vertically in front of you and get on it sideways

How can tell if with a fake skateboard and a real skateboard?

no such thing as a "fake" skateboard, the only difference is quality.

What is the front part of a skateboard?

The nose.

How do you land an ollie on a skateboard keep the answer simple?

pop up on the back, than slide your front foot foward.

What is a wave board?

A waveboard is like a skateboard but only has 2 wheels, one at the front and one at the back of the waveboard. It is also called a ripstik. For some people who ride it, it is much easier than a skateboard, a skateboard is more complicated than a waveboard/ ripstik.

What is riding in the front wheels of a skateboard called?

the trucks

When a child falls off there skateboard the child stops but the skateboard keeps going?

no they tell someone.

If you ride your skateboard left foot on the front truck and the right foot on the back truck is that regular or goofy?

That's riding regular my friend. Right foot in front is goofy.

How do ollie high on a skateboard?

You put your back foot on the tail of the board and your front foot in the middle and crouch then jump then slide your front foot to the top of the board to balance then land

How do tell the difference of the front of a tree and the back?

you can't LOL

How do you tell if skateboard wheels are hard or soft?

Well how you can tell if the skateboard wheels are hard or soft is that rubber is so hard because it is full of rubber

How do you tell if a flip skateboard is genuine?

I'm pretty sure there aren't any knockoff skateboard companys.

Are the front wheels of a skateboard supposed to be loose for turns?

No, the front wheels of a skateboard should be as tight as the back ones. The reason for this is when your turning the front side of the board may table-clip your wheels causing you to stop short, and the front side may cause you to wobble and lose control,(usually happens when you're racing someone or riding really fast.)

What is riding on the front wheels of a skateboard called?

It is called a manual.

How do you Ollie on a Sakteboard?

If you mean Skateboard, then I can help. For starters, put your back foot at the end of the skateboard with only the ball of your foot touching the board, and put your front foot in the middle of the board. Firstly, push down your back foot pretty hard. Secondly, Jump with the skateboard Then, slide your front foot to the top of the board. When doing an ollie, when you push down and jump up, if you hear a "Popping" sound, then you know it'll be a good one. ;)

How do you do a jump on a skateboard?

first off its called an ollie and to ollie on a skateboard push down on the back of the board and jump with it while dragging your front foot in the air putting you in the air. Practice this ollie moving so you can master it faster

How do you do a drop-in on a skateboard?

first you need to put the tail of the board on a halfpipe. Then you need to put your back foot on the tail and your front foot where the screws are. Then leen forward puting your front foot down.

How do you perform a jump on a skateboard?

Start off with the ollie. This is the basic trick of popping the back end of the board, sliding your front foot up, and then landing it.

In The Simpsons Movie where does Homer dare Bart to skateboard?

He dares him to skateboard to krusty burger and back naked

How do you curve on a skateboard?

by "curve" do you mean turn with out lifting up the front wheels? to do this use your feet and legs to tilt the skateboard, but not so much that one side lifts up. This will turn the skateboard.

Who performed the first skateboard front flip?

If I am correct I believe it is Tony hawk.