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There is usually a small sticker, usually metallic, it is located near the top of the shaft just below the grip. It should tell you which one it is.

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Q: How do you tell one true temper golf shaft from another?
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Can you put a new golf head on an existing golf shaft?

If the tip diameters are the same then yes. You will need to take it to your local golf shop and they can tell you. If so they will be able to put the new head on the existing shaft very easily.

How do you determine golf shaft stiffness?

It is imposible for me to tell you how stiff a shaft you should use because I don't know your swing speed. Golfers who swing the club at a faster speed in the downswing (faster swing peed) will require a stiffer, and possibly heavier shaft, whereas a golfer with a slower swing speed may need a more flexible and possibly lighter shaft. Depending on how serious you are about golf, you may want to get a club fitting. If you do this a golf professional will help you find the

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Are golf winnings taxable?

YES. Tell one earning that is not taxable in one way or another

How do you tell the correct golf shaft for me?

The only really certain way to tell is to have a club fitter put you on the launch monitor with several different shafts. You can guess pretty well by comparing how far you hit a driver or 5 iron to correlations between distance, swing speed, and appropriate shaft stiffness. You can try some of the attached links for more info.

Golf club -60 grams graphite shaft vs 64 grams graphite shaft?

Personal preference really. If you are a high or low handicapper say 28- 3 you would hardly be able to tell the difference. Generally, the heavier the shaft, the stiffer it plays. The 60 gram would be whippier, so better suited to a player with a slower swing speed.

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Can a golf shaft flex be changed by lengthening the shaft?

Well it can be, but only slightly, you wouldn't be able to make a stiff into a regular etc. If you shortened a club, the shaft would become stiffer, and if you lengthened a club the shaft would become more regular, but you only make a 1-2 inch change to the shaft. What it does do however is change the swing weight. A lengthened shaft make the head lighter, and a shortened shaft makes the head heavier. All pro players like to have the swing weight the same for all their clubs. Apparently Tiger Woods can tell the swing weight just by swinging the club.

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How can you tell what the shaft flex is on Ping eye 2 irons?

Take the grip off. If there is a green mark at the butt end of the shaft the shaft is stiff.

What happens if you hit your golf ball out of a red hazard but cannot find your ball?

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How do you tell if your golf has to much oil in it?

with a dipstick