How do you tape your ears for rugby?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Many players now wear scrum caps to protect the ears and head. Taping of the ears is questionable. However, apply Vaseline to the out area of the ear and place a soft cause or cotton-wool over the ear. Ally the tape around the head, players usually use a medical stretch adhesive tape for this - The padding will stop the rubbing of the ear and will stop the tape sticking to the ear itself - Also seek medical advice as well as there are problems encountered with ear damage by many players

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its basic adhesive bandage which is used to tape up injuries. Its used to tape around the head to protect the ears but is also used to cover custs to the head and above eye area

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Q: How do you tape your ears for rugby?
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there are no helmets in rugby only in american football. that is why rugby is so brutal and why players wear tape around their ears to stop them getting ripped off. there is only one "helmet" which is a scrum cap which is used like the tape to stop their ears being ripped off

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