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There are a number of ways that you can take someone else's power away. You can take away their privileges or force them to do what you'd like slavery.

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Q: How do you take someones power away?
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Is it ever right to take away someones autonomy?

no is illegal shame on you

Why do you think only the national government can take away someones citizenship?

I think only the national government can take away someone's citizenship because they are the only ones who have the power to do that. this answer is right because my teacher told me.

How do you take away your mermaid power?

You can't take away mermaid power because such a power does not exist to begin with.

What is it called when you take away someones right to vote?

Taking away someone's right to vote is to disfranchisethem.

Why do you think enslaved people were not allowed to keep their African names?

It was used as a tactic to "break" them much like cattle and horses. Names hold power and when you take away someones name, you take away their identity. Their sense of self. It was used to show control and dominance.

Why are most christians against euthanasia?

Because they believe that only God has the right to take away someones life

What is the meaning of racial injustice?

racial injustice is the way in which you take away rules depending on someones's skin color

Is it illegal to take away someones only form of exercise?

No. There are no laws concerning matters like this since they are personal in nature.

How do you steal club penguin cards easly?

you click on someones card, add them as your friend and then get them into your house and take them away from your friends, idk why but it works

Power to cancle someones criminal sentence?

i think only the govenor can do that

Can one take over someones vehicle installment even though blacklisted?

can one take over someones car instalments even when blacklisted and have no deposit?

How do you take back a vehicle with title in your name?

If titled in your name you can drive away with it. Be careful in Texas with new laws you could get shot at night on someones property.

What to do when someones annoying you?

walk away its way better than hitting them.

What is the best way to break someones obsession with you?

try to stay away from them

Can you take someones cellphone by force?

you can but it is ilegle

How did Hitler take away the power of the Jews?

Gradually, through acts of parliament.

Can you knock a ball out of someones hands in netball?

no, or you will give away a free shot

Can a legle child take power of attorney from a step child?

No they cannot take the power of attorney away. The only person that can change the power of attorney is the person who granted it. That would be the parent or the court.

What precautions must you take when taking the someones pulse rate?

you cannot press your two fingers hard on someones pulses

Can you legally sign someones names with consent?

You have to have power of attorney for it to be binding.

Is there any prayer or ritual that can increase someones memory power?

no silly.

How can you take someones mind of pain?

Sing them a song.

Can you take out someones brain completely without killing them?


The Populist Party sought to increase the power of what?

The Populist Party sought to increase the power of the common people. They fought to take away power from the rich.

What can nine year olds do for money?

the are many things young kids can do for money such as, take care of someones pet while they are away, have a lemonade stand, and do chores to earn an allowance