How do you tackle in soccer?

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what you have to do is not use your elbows and your shoulders. it is best for you to use your chest area.

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Q: How do you tackle in soccer?
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How Can you use tackle in a sentence?

The soccer player was given a yellow card for his shocking tackle.

Is it legal to slide tackle in indoor soccer?

i think it is but u should ask a soccer coach

What soccer skill can be dangerous if performed incorrectly?

The Slide Tackle

What is a tackle in soccer?

Well there is 2 types of tackles there is a standing tackle and a sliding tackle. The standing tackle is when you stand and place your feet towards someones legs. A sliding tackle is when you get on the ground and slide towards the players legs.

How is soccer like rugby?

They are nothing alike. Rugby is full on tackle and soccer is very little contact.

Is slide tackling completely illegal in soccer?

A slide tackle is legal in soccer. Touching the ball before touching the player is one of the requirements for a legal slide tackle, but is not the only requirement.

What is it called when the defender slides and attempts to take the ball from their appoment in soccer?

it's called a tackle ITs called a SLIDE tackle

How do you get a foul in a soccer game?

by commiting a bad tackle or a hand ball.

Is a player allowed to tackle when the other team has the soccer ball?


What is harder soccer or futsal?

Harder soccer is a fast paced and intense kind of soccer. People tackle harder and there are less restrictions from the referee.

What is it called when you take the ball away from another player in American Soccer?


What other things can you do in soccer?

What do you know about soccer? It's hard to answer your question. You can use tricks, show-off, slide tackle, and etc.

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