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Q: How do you sync a mei cf 7000 coin mechanism to a vendo 511 soda machine?
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What does a coin mechanism do?

The most common coin mechanism would be in a vending machine, and it would serve the function of detecting the coins that are inserted into it, and activating the vending machine (or in laundromats, the washing machine or dryer) to dispense the desired product (or to activate the washing or the drying).

How does a vending machine tell money apart?

Each machine has a coin mechanism and a bill validator. The coin mechanism weighs the coin's and distributes change for the bill validator. The validator checks the bills as they are inserted, many need to be upgraded to the new bill, so if a machine does not take the new bills it is not necessarily broken just needs to be upgraded.ThanksHope this helps

What is the oldest machine known to man?

Define machine. By my definition, it's the wheel. If you are going by the normal definition it's probably something like the Antikyhera Mechanism or the ancient Greeks coin operated urn that dispensed holy water.

How does a gumball machine work?

Gumball machines are relatively simple devices. Gumballs are poured into a glass bowl, and then the mechanism portion of the device is attached. When a person inserts a coin and turns the handle, the door that keeps the gumballs inside the machine opens, letting one out.

What type of simple machine is coin?

(If referred to a coin such as a quarter) It is not a machine, since it has no moving parts. It would be rather describer as a wheel....

What is the value of a 1808 Dutch 20 guilder gold coin?

If genuine, at least $ 7000 US Dollars

How does coin slot work?

The machine inside, scans the coin for size and weighs it.

Where can I obtain a coin counting machine?

You can purchase a coin counting machine at your local Sears, Target, or Walmart. You can also purchase a counting machine online at Amazon and have it shipped directly to your house.

What did James Bauer invent?

James A Bauer invented a coin changer mechanism.

Where do you get a porlygon?

you can get one in leaf green by going to the coin slotes thing in celdon and get the amount needed i think 7000

Who invented the coin changing machine?

no one knows who really invented the change machine

Where can you find a coin operated dry cleaning machine in Orange County California?

where can I find a coin operated dry cleaning machine in orange county, ca