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You unscrew them from one end and screw them on at the other. You may need a socket wrench and an extender. Remember to put the wheel nuts back on.

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Q: How do you switch bike pegs from front to back?
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Is it better to have front pegs or back pegs on a bmx bike?

Its best to have the pegs on front and the back i have mine on the right side

How do you make flick Trix pegs?

If you buy the bike shop it will come with 2. However if you just buy a normal sett you only get a bike.

what is the purpose of PEG?

Trick riding. The pegs can be used to stand on, or the bike can be jumped to land with the pegs on a rail or a ledge for grinds.

What was another name for the high wheeled bicycle?

Many of them had pegs on the back bone of the frame. The rider ran with the bike a few steps, and then climbed the pegs into the saddle before the bike lost speed and toppled over. If the bike didn't have pegs the rider would often use something in his surroundings to steady himself as he stepped up into the saddle.

Can a 20 Freefall BMX Bike have stunt pegs?

yes it can basicly any bike can have pegs you just have to find the right size prgs

A video to put pegs on a bike?

You can see DIY Bike Repair Videos below.

Where can BMX pegs be bought online?

BMX pegs can be bought online from Chain Reaction Cycles. The pegs are in a range of sizes and colours such as blank value pegs and P3 pegs. BMX pegs are for those who want to do extreme cycling or stunts on a bike.

92 F150 I switch from rear tank to front gauge pegs and truck stalls what's the problem?

Check fuel filters

Are bike pegs illegal?

I'm not sure. I was wondering that myself.

How much do mike spinner pro model BMX bikes weigh?

41 pounds when you first get it but I have both front and back brakes off and right side pegs front and back and it's about 26 pounds I've had the bike for almost a year but the back rim sucks I blew mine out but go to danscomp and get a rim

Can you put pegs on a 2009 diamondback viper?

Yes, pegs can be put on any BMX Bike. You will need a socket wrench to put pegs on certain bikes how ever.

Is it illegal to ride on the pegs of a bike if someone else is driving the bike?

It is illegal as well as unsafe to ride on the pegs of a bike that someone is operating. This is a good way to be seriously injured or killed or to cause a wreck harming someone else.