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1. Get the Mesh (pocket) of the stick wet with warm water

2. Place a tennis ball or Lacrosse ball in the pocket

3. Put a butter knife between the side wall and the mesh

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Q: How do you stretch a lacrosse pocket?
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Women's lacrosse pocket?

a womens lacrosse pocket has a net with four vertical leather strips, with string weaving in its place.

How do you string your Warrior Evolution 2.0 lacrosse pocket?

With a mid-pocket, hard mesh.

How do you deepen a lacrosse goalie pocket?

just hit the pocket with a end of a baseball bat

Is the deuce lacrosse head legal in youth lacrosse?

yes! as long as the pocket isn't to deep

What is a trigger pocket for lacrosse?

it is a pocket that uses leathers and nylon to create a pocket that doesn't bag like mesh

Can a traditional lacrosse pocket fit on a gait nuclear lacrosse head?

yea i have 1 just like that

How do you soften the mesh on a lacrosse head?

You can either soak it in water to make it stretch but also it you put lotion on it will soften the mesh up a bit. I think the best thing to do is get a pocket pounder and work with it a lot if u soak it in water then it will stretch but it will dry and hold the shape you have it in.

Do kid goalies have a restriction for how big their pocket is in boys lacrosse?


What is the Regulation size of a lacrosse pocket?

in girls lacrosse you have to have your stick at eye leval and the ball has to be seen above the head

What do leathers do in lacrosse strings?

For a traditional pocket, they have no use in a mesh pocket unless it is an open sidewall goalie stick.

How do you get rid of a baggy lacrosse pocket?

Restring it is easier but u can spray it with hairspray and let it dry with a ball in the pocket

What type of pocket should a midfield lacrosse player have?

Medium to deep

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