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drink water or tell friend or family member to cheer for you.

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How can you stop yourself from being nervous?

take deep breathes or you can just tell yourself outloud it doesn't matter

How can someone stop being shy around their boyfriend?

Just be yourself calm down stop being so nervous and just be cool

How do you get yourself to stop being nervous about something?

Be well prepared and just do it, you'll never know if you don't

How can you stop being nervous?

by not being scared or afraid of something or sometimes your nervous system does it

How can you stop being all giggly and nervous around the guy you like?

Being nervous will often bring on the giggles when you are around the guy you like. To stop this practice deep breathing to help control your nerves. The more you around the guy, the less nervous you will be. Try to calm yourself down anytime you know you will be around him.

How can you express your feelings for a girl you like then disappeared for two year then appeared a different woman and she is nervous of you but you still like her how can she stop being nervous?

just be honest, save yourself a lot of time.

Girl stop being nervous around boyfriend?

Just suck it up and be yourself... Simple as that. But be real no matter what never lie about anything to your boy.

How do you overcome being nervous around your boyfriend?

Be yourself, and dont be nervous because hopefully your boyfriend wont care how you act as long as your yourself:)

How can the nervous systems stability be challenged?

it can be changed by letting your nervous system come down by telling someone what your nervous or by stop being nervous.

How do you talk to your boyfriend if you are nervous?

Pretend you're not nervous. If the conversation goes at all well, you will stop being nervous. And if it doesn't go well, you can stop, and try to figure out what the problem is.

How do you stop yourself being a slag?

STop shagging around!

Hazardous characteristics of a transform boundary?

Stop being a mother frucker and stop being lazy do it yourself

How do you stop being nervous and shy around your boyfriend and his friends?

You man up.

How can you stop being anti social?

just be yourself

How long does it take for a 30 year old man to get over being nervous so he can make love to his wife?

Nervous about what? What really is the underlying problem? Is he a virgin? Is he intrested in the same sex?AnswerQuit being nervous. Be comfortable with yourself.

How do you stop being nervous around the girl you like?

accept that you like her and accept the effect it has on you

How do you stop being nervous before a fight?

prepare yourself exercise which will release the bloodflow, and pratice before a fight like punch a pillow, go for a jog release the energy burning inside, and plan your fight this way you will have a better chance at winning and wont be as nervous.

How do you stop yourself from being so high maintenance?

Stop being materialistic and start being more grateful for life and the people you have as friends and family.

How do you stop being nurvis on a test?

Well First of all, you spelled Nervous wrong. and if you don't want to be nervous in the first place you should study and make sure you have nothing to be nervous about.

How do you deal with a nervous person?

Smack some sense into them! Tell them to get over it and stop being such a wimp!

What does the Mandarin Duck eat?

stop being lazy and find out yourself

How do you stop being jealous with your friends boyfriend?

Get yourself a girlfriend/boyfriend.

How can you stop your self from being sexually induced?

The phrasing of your question is not entirely clear. If you mean, how can you stop yourself from being induced to engage in sex, the answer is the same as the one Nancy Reagan gave about how to stop yourself from using illegal drugs: just say no.

What is a slogan for wabi the hero tale?

Stop being lazy and find out for yourself

How do you use sluggard in a sentence?

Stop being so sluggard and answer the question yourself.