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There should be a fuel shutoff that needs to be adjusted, but let the car idle a couple of minutes before shutting it off and the valves should cool off enough to not diesel.

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Q: How do you stop your car from dieseling?
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Why does your car run after it is shut off?

This is called "dieseling" and is a bad thing. There are several reasons it might happen, but the short answer is "take it to a mechanic, tell him it's dieseling, and let him figure it out."

How do you stop Chevy Caprice from dieseling?

Check your timing and if it is a carb, check to make sure the air fuel mixture is set properly.

Why would a car continue to sputter after being shut off?

Several things can cause this phenomenon, called dieseling. Built up carbon in the cylinders, incorrect timing, an overheated engine, a lean carburetor setting, or a fast idle can all be contributors to dieseling.?æ

Why does an engine keep running after it is turned off?

There are many possibilities. More information is needed. If it's a 70's era car that's dieseling, could be the timing is off, or the anti-dieseling solenoid isn't working. If the car has had an electric fan installed recently, and won't shut off when the fan is running, the fan is not properly wired. If it's a computer controlled car, could be a problem with the ignition switch or ecm.

Why does your car keep running after you turn it off?

If it runs fine, probably an Ignition Cylinder problem If it runs kinda funny, probably it's just "dieseling"

What does it mean when you shut off your car and it acts like it wont shut off?

That's called dieseling, and the main thing that causes it is improper ignition timing.

Why won't my car shut off when it overheats?

You did not specify make model and year. If you have a very old car It could be doing what is called dieseling. OR The engine computer could be keeping it running to try to get it to cool off. But with out knowing what car it is those are just guesses.

What carburetor component is used to prevent dieseling?

The fast idle solenoid

What makes a car stop?

The braking system makes a car stop.

How to stop corvette engine dieseling problem?

the solution can depend on the year and induction type. usually too high an idle speed and rich idle mixture combine to allow a hot carbon chunk in the cylinder to ignite the mix and cause the dieseling. on injected engine its far less common but leaky injectors have been known to cause the condition also

Should you stop the car engine when you are at a stop sign?

If by "stop the engine", you mean turn the car off, then the answer is NO!

Where should you stop your car when apporaching a stop sign?

You should stop your car just before the line, ensuring that no part of your car crosses it.

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