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Dab a little bit of dish soap onto the inside of the shield (make sure you open it up, so you use the soap). To do that, get a fairly decent amount of dish soap and put it on a paper towel. Then put the paper towel in the shield and close it up.

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Get a Oakley visor it doesn't fog up but on rainy days it's really hard to see I wore one last year

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Put shaving cream on them

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Q: How do you stop a football visor from fogging up in cold?
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to stop random fists, shoes coming at your face

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One way is to buy anti-fogging spray. Your spray it into the goggles, and wait about 24 hours (or less, depending on the instructions on the bottle), and it should be less foggy, and have little to no fog. Others have said that spitting into the lens, and then wiping it off will stop goggles from fogging (something to do with the saliva).

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If air is being allowed to pass through, and you do not have insulated glass it's very possible this is the reason for your fogging issue, especially if the temperature variance between outside and inside is great. As a stop-gap until you can repair the window, there are anti-fogging towelettes you can buy to wipe on the window.

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