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Stopping Dive Mask Fogging

There are a number of products sold in dive shops now that are very effective at eliminating "fogging" in a dive mask. Toothpaste also works well if you use the paste (not the gel kinds) on a finger to rub the inside of the lens and then rinse it well with fresh water.

Use the toothpaste on a new mask or an older one that is fogging up again. You must rub the toothpaste for a few minutes for lasting effect. After using toothpaste initially then carry a small bottle of baby shampoo. Put a drop inside each lens and rub well. Be sure to rinse in water, salt or fresh prior to putting on your face. This works the same way as spit but does not promote mildew growth in the tropical climate and is more sanitary than spit. I use a cheap no name brand and carry it everywhere. Use it prior to diving or snorkeling. The baby shampoo is if you don't quite rinse it all out it will not hurt your eyes.

you can also try to use a lighter and burn the layer away on the inside of your mask. Make sure that you do not burn away the silicone of course.


-It comes in the perfect container that will not get smashed -It is readily available (hopefully you have some now) -a normal sized tube will last a very very very very long time -cheap -It is made out of ingredients that are obviously safer than many no-fog products

Do not use a lighter on your mask, that is ludicrous. Also if you continually use toothpaste (crest original is my preference you will find that your spit will work much better at times that you forget to have toothpaste. I recommend applying the toothpaste when you freshwater wash down your gear. After rinsing your mask, place a small pea sized dab on your index finger. I will "wash the entire inside portion of my mask with this, silicone and all. Shake your mask gently 2 to three times and store it for your next dive. Your mask should not fog for HOURS. Note however that if you have purchased a brand new mask, it may take a few uses to remove the protective coating on the inside of your mask. I have met some people who say that their eyes are sensitive to the toothpaste, however I have never had a problem, even with blue toothpaste tinged water in my mask. When you take your mask out of storage to dive again, just shake in the water once to rinse prior to use to make the chalky opaque lens clear.

Crest is the official No Fog sponsor of The United States Navy Deep Sea, Frogman, and Explosive Ordnance Disposal Brotherhood :-) Hooyah, dive smart, dive fun!

If you do it right, you only need to toothpaste your mask once. You can try again if it starts fogging later down the track also. I use saliva, diving every day, as an Instructor and I have had tooth pasted my mask twice in almost 3 years. I don't know the reason behind it, but the best way is to spit into a DRY mask, then rinse. Then put the mask straight on your face. DO NOT put the mask on your forehead, as it seems to always promote fogging, no matter the defog solution used (no idea as to why, but it never fails).

The reason toothpaste and burning come up is that the separation agent -- the good that makes the glass lens of the mask easily separate from the mold equipment -- tends to capture micro droplettes and thus fogs up easily. Removing this with a very fine abrasive (e.g. toothpaste) really can help fogging problems.

I note that toothpaste also works long after the separation agent should have been gone. No idea why, but it's my favorite solution. I also find -- for me anyway -- that spit is overrated.

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If your mask is fogging up while diving:

Secure yourself, remove your mask and just rub your fingers around inside the mask, replace the mask & clear it, now you're good to go for the rest of the dive.

Also, removing your mask after you enter the water and holding it underwater while rubbing your fingers on the lenses also works great.

You can put a special solution sold in most diving/Scuba stores on it. That seems to work well but you must wash out the mask and dry it thoroughly before application

I have seen the lighter one done before and it DOES work BUT I wouldn't recomend doing it yourself, I saw it done on holiday and it was done buy an experienced instructor that had done it hundereds of times.

When all else fails

While toothpaste is the most popular mask prepping procedure, if your mask keeps fogging up after using toothpaste then use Comet and make it into a thick paste since it is the scrubbing effect that will prep and clean the mask. Comet will not scratch your mask and I have seen this work well many times when toothpaste fails. The mask prep is only when you initially get your mask and you do not need to do it before every dive. Of course, you still need to spit or use a defog before each dive although I have never had good luck with a commercial defog. But other divers seem to have no luck with saliva even though I do ... so just try and see what works best for you. Another trick I do (depending on the dive entry) is to wrap my mask around my wrist (so I don't lose it) when I first get in the water. This let's the mask equalize with the water temperature. I then spit in it and do a super fast rinse (dip) and put it right on my face. If you rinse too much or wait to put it on your face then the mask will fog.

Baby ShampooI've always needed a top-notch anti-fogger as I have a mask with a purge valve which I use a lot since I have a moustache which causes the mask to leak which I clear simply by beathing out my nose - often, fogging up the mask. I have used several off-the shelf anti-foggers, tooth paste, and of course spit a thousand times. In all cases, they lasted only a matter of minutes. Then I was on the Great Barrier Reef and they supply a spray bottle of weak baby shampoo solution which you spray on, then rince off lightly. Total clarity for long periods. I'm a convert. Since then I've tried other soaps and hand gels as available to good effect. I like the recommendation above to simply bring a small drop bottle of baby shampoo.
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Q: How do you stop a dive mask from fogging up?
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