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To compare schools competing on sports day you need to take note of the events. The events will dictate how you will compare the schools.

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Q: How do you start competing on school sports day?
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What Olympic sports have both men and women competing together?

Dressage, 3 Day Eventing & Show Jumping are the only Olympic sports to feature individual men and women competing against one another.

How do you write application to school principal for having a sports day in school?

To, The Headmaster, Govt. Primary School, City A.B.C. Sir, with due respect i beg to say that all schools are having sports day only our school is not holding sports day. So, please held our sports day. I will be thankful to you. Thanking You, Yours obediently, X.Y.Z.

When is sports day in 2009?

If you are referring to your school sports day, that is unanswerable. My personal sports day was on the last Thursday of half-term, if that helps you in any way.

When did Health and sports day start?


How many sports are there in sports day?

depends on on the school, facilities ad equipment available. Normaly There about 15-18 events at a sports day

How do you give a speech in school sports day?

you don't

What do you do on sports day in secondary school?

kick back

When does the sports day started?

The Sports Day can start whenever one so chooses. A game can begin at any hour of day or night!

When did sports day start?

20th of July 1934

What day does school start in Tahoma School District?

Usually, the day after Labor Day.

How many days when you start school?

The day i start school is August 27th

How do you announce march past in sports day celebration in school?

Announce march past in sports Day celebrations at your school. Using a public address system. You can also announces on the scoreboard.

When does school start in 2016?

Where we live, today (August 4, 2016) was the first day of school. In other regions it may not start until after Labor Day. Not all school districts start on the exact same day.

How do you make project on sports day in school?

By giving some knowledge about sports and telling who introduced this sports day. By making file cover like ball badminton and so on...

When does the Japanese school day start?

The school day starts around 8:30.

How can you use leaflet in a sentence?

we were handed out a leaflet at school for a sports day

What day does Ontario Canada public school start in 2009?

The first day of school is Tuesday September 8th. Late start this year.

When do we start school?

This depends on your specific school or/ school district. Please check your school website or school district for your specific start time and day.

How do you write a letter to a friend describing her the sports day held in your school?

The letter written to a friend describing her sports day that was held at the school can explain the events that were held. It can tell of her accomplishments throughout the day. It can also tell things that were considered favorite parts of the day.

What day does middle school start on?

It usually depends on the day your school starts but at some schools it can start: August 16, 20 or 24th .. But at some it can start as far as September

What time do German children start school?

German children start school at the age of 6. The school day starts at 8am

What is a nice lesson or start of the day for the first day of school?


Any good logos for a school team in sports day?

animals animals

What could you sell during sports day at school?

water to cool off

How do you write a comparing script for school sports day show the samples?