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Welll first you have to decide if you want it outside or insider or just find a location put up flyers where you can find the sports you want to open the camp about put a price and all the details on your flyer. NOw JUst wait,

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Q: How do you start a sports camp?
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Should you start sports camp?

This is a great question, sports camp is really fun and i really recemend it.

What are the release dates for Effin Sports Camp - 2007?

Effin Sports Camp - 2007 was released on: USA: 2007 (Moondance Film Festival) (premiere)

When does Summer Camp start?

it depends which summer camp you are on about, all camps start at different times

Does camp greystone have girls lacrosse?

Yes they offer a variety of sports including lacrosse(if we are talking about the same camp)

What age do you start boot camp?

You start boot camp at whatever age you join the military. Seventeen is the youngest that you can start (and you need parental permission).

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The first concentration camp was started in 1933.

When did Tim O'Reilly start Foo Camp?

Foo Camp began in 2004.

What is the motto of Maine Teen Camp?

The motto of Maine Teen Camp is 'MTC offers exciting training in art, music, crafts and sports!'.

What is the motto of Camp Lohikan?

The motto of Camp Lohikan is 'Camp Lohikan offers a summer of fun in arts & crafts, drama, music, aquatics, tons of sports, horses and much more!'.

What are cool themes for a summer camp?

music campLutheran campfishing campsports campscrap booking campbabysitting campweather campcomputers campswimming campI hope this helped

When do people start training for a sports career?

right around when they ever start playing sports

What are some boot camp names that start with D?

Some boot camp names that start with the letter d are defuegos in California and delmon in Colorado

When did Camp Lindenmere start?


What is IMPORTENCE of camp?

Camp provides a fun environment for kids. Day camp or overnight camp- there are sports, art, music, cooking, learning, and making friends. These things are better than staying home and watching TV. It is good for exercise, learning, and fun.

When did camp rock start?

Camp Rock premiered on the Disney Channel on June 20, 2008.

Where did Nazi camp start?

If you are asking where the first Nazi death camp was, it was Chelmno, located in Poland.

How do you start a youth camp?

You can start a youth camp by filing for a business license to run one. You will also need to locate property and staff to begin your camp. It is best to seek the advice or consult with those who have opened one before.

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It was adopted by the U.S army as a camp sports.

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Sports have been around for thousands of years.

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when does football fall practice start

Where and when is 2004 New York Giants mini-camp?

Do you mean NY Giants Training Camp at Albany University. Go to Website : Enjoy

What activities can you do in a sports camp when you are teaching it?

Well if you're teaching a sports camp you might want to do sports. Basketball Volleyball Baseball Soccer Tennis Football Running Dodge ball Kickball...etc.

Is there a reall camp called camp star?

actualy yes there is a camp called camp star which is a sports camp in maine next to the beautiful camp camp matoaka. if you actually are looking forward to go to a camp in maine then i would go to camp matoaka camp star is more of a boys camp but it is for boys and girls so if you are a boy i would go to camp cobbossee in maine if you are a girl go to camp matoaka because it is a friendly and fun enviorment for kids and parents love it the food is great and the kids are all nice. if you are looking for a boy-girl camp i would go to camp lindenmere in pennysilvania, camp laurel in maine, or camp the answer is yes there is a camp thats name is camp vega. i hope you have fun choosing your camp!

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They just started as plain games... and then named them sports

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A degree in sports and have to go to traing camp.