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With a drop kick.


A team kicks off with a drop kick which must be taken at or behind the centre of the half way line.

If the ball is kicked off by the wrong type of kick, or from the incorrect place, the opposing team has two choices:

To have the ball kicked off again, or

To have a scrum at the centre of the half way line and they throw in the ball.

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Q: How do you start a rugby union game?
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When did rugby start in Ireland?

It would have started in the middle of the 19th century. The Irish Rugby Football Union, the governing body of the game, was founded in 1874.

When did the rugby union start?

In Rugby Warwickshire England in 1823. However it was not formalised as the Rugby Football Union until 1870

Is rugby league the most stop start game in the world?

No. The union code has far more stoppages that the league code.

What is rugby called now?

Depending on the code its either Rugby union which is the 15 player game or Rugby League which is the 113 player game

When did rugby union start?

Around the 1840's in the rugby school in England.

What is the number one game in Australia rugby league or union?

rugby league

First rugby union club to play a game of rugby?

Packwood Haugh

What is the national game of Fiji?

Rugby union, or more specifically, rugby sevens.

When did league and rugby union start being paid?

Union: 1995

When did the game of rugby split into games of union and league?

Rugby Union started (according to web Ellis fans) in 1823 Rugby league - in 1895

What is then national game for wales?

Rugby union

When did rugby start in new zealand?

Rugby Union was introduced to New Zealand by Charles Monro in the late 1860s. Monro discovered the game whilst attending Christ College Finchley in England

How many players are nedded to play rugby?

Rugby League has 13 players on each team. Rugby Union has 15 players on each team. There is a recognised game of seven-a-side in Rugby Union.

What year and date did rugby union start?


How many points is a try in a rugby game?

As the category is Rugby Union then the points for a try is 5

What is the duration of rugby game?

The standard rugby union game is played in two half's of 40 mins, totaling 80 mins

When did rugby league separate from rugby union?

rugby league was born in England in 1895 - it was at that point that it established itself as a separate entity from the RFU (and therefore the game of rugby union). It called itself the "Northern Union" (later called English RL).

Where is rugby originated?

It originated in 1823 at Rugby School, Warwickshire England. The game was then formalised when the Rugby Football Union was created in 1872

How long is one game of rugby?

in professional rugby union one games is 80 minutes long

When did Russia start playing rugby?

It started early in the 1930s at club formation level and then formally was founded in 1936 originally as the Rugby Union of the Soviet Union

What are the impacts like in a game of Rugby Union?

big and destructive

What does rugby stand for?

The term RUGBY comes from the town of Rugby in Warwichshire England. The game of Rugby Union is reputed to have been conceived at the Rugby Public School which was situated in the Town and remains there to this day. Rugby League formally broke away from Union and became a separate sport in 1895.

How many players are in a rugby l team at the start playing?

There are 13 players on a rugby league team compared to 15 on a rugby union team.

How many players on the pitch in a game of rugby union?

there are 15 players on each team during a rugby union match says Bradley Lane

Who approved the sport rugby to be a sport?

The Rugby Football Union was created when a group of clubs decided they did not want to be part of the Football Association (UK) These clubs formed their own UNION and allowed others to join. Thereafter the game formed its main body the IRB. In the late 1800s when the game was formalised it did not require anyone to allow it to start i.e. a Government or Governments Department