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Turn the gas on, pull the choke out and kick it.

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โˆ™ 2009-04-06 15:02:42
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Q: How do you start a 2 strock pocket dirt bike'?
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When does dirt bike racing start?

when does dirt bike racing start

Should you get a dirt bike or a pocket rocket?

poket bikes are gay. go with the dirt Dirt bike, definitely!

How do you adjust the governor on a mini dirt pocket bike?

you cant adjust the govener on a pocket bike because it does not have one

Can pocket bikes ride on dirt?

A pocket bike can ride on dirt but it might end up getting into the engine itself.

Do a 49cc pocket dirt-bike have a clutch?


Should you start on a dirt bike or street bike?

That depends on what you are using it for. Obviously, if you are dirt biking, you should use a dirt bike, and otherwise use a street bike. Start out with what you are going to use the most - dirt (freestyle) or street racing.

Can you be 9 to ride a pocket dirt bike?

you should be at lest 4.9 height so if you are and 9 you should go for it i have a dirt bike to but not as small as yours

What is the difference between a pocket rocket and a mini dirt bike?

A rocket is cooler:)

What model of ATV or dirt bike should you get for racing motocross?

well if your a grown up then start of with a 250r dirt bike , if your a kid or teenager and your not to tall get a 85cc dirt bike

How do you start dirt bike?

First make sure the bike is in neutral and push kick start down on right side of the bike.

When and where did dirt bike racing start?


Can you ride a pocket bike on dirt road?

no those bikes are not made for those kind of roads

Where can you find discontinued parts for 1980 to 81 YZ80 Dirt bike?

Start by lookin at, or at dirt bike scrap yards

Where are Pocket bike tracks in new jersey?

I ride my quad in Englishtown on the dirt track. You should be allowed there.

Your kick start on your dirt bike is locked?

it is broken

How do you start the dirt bike 49cc baja?

to start the dirt bike you press the red switch on the handle. then make sure the little black lever by the engine is down. then make sure the fuel is open.

Is it illegal to ride a 49cc pocket ATV or dirt bike on the street in nova scotia or is there an age limit?

yes you can

How do you run a dirt bike?

Sit on it, start it up and ride it.

How do you tell that your dirt bike is flooded?

it won't start.....period

What size dirt bike for new rider?

to start of with a50cc

Can a dirt bike coil go bad and if so how do you notice?

Yes, a dirt bike coil can go bad. If you notice that the dirt bike is drifting while in park or it is giving you a difficult time at start up, it is probably due to a bad coil.

How do you install a key switch to your dirt bike?

No matter what dirt bike you are riding you will want to install the switch via the ignition coil. Obviously based on the dirt bike you will need to find a convenient place for the key switch but make sure you run it through the ignition coil. Especially if you have both a electric and kick start on your dirt bike.

How do you remove block governor for a dirt bike pocket bike?

I'm assuming its a 2-strike. Look under the bike, where the fuel cable connects to the carburetor; you should have a gold plated screw, or a large screw of different color that should be connecting the two. Simply cut/saw the screw off and you're good to go, bike should start fine.

Pocket Bike or Dirt Bike?

Pocket Are you kidding? Pocket bikes are little kiddies toys that you can only ride in private parking lots. Get a dirt bike and do some REAL riding, enjoy some REAL speed and fun! Pocket bikes look cool, but when it comes to having fun and riding, theres nothing like some real power at your control. JiaBao special manufacturing and exporting high quality Electric bicycles (E-BIKE) such as electric mountain bikes, city electric bikes, folding Electric bikes etc.(

How can you tell when your dirt bike needs oil?

your dirt wont start because if there is no oil there is no oil compression which will cause your dirt bike to not start Answer Before it gets to that point, perform regular maintenance and oil changes. This will increase the life of your engine.