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A stab punt is kicked with the same action as a tab kick/pass with the exception of the split second adjustment of kicking the ball just before instead of just after it hits the ground. This means the ball is kept in very tight to the body, in effect kicking the ball with the knee in front of the point of boot and ball contact. Of course you are leaning over the ball. The kick must be able to be accomplished running at full pace. The point of ball destination must be to the advantage of the player so he can run on to it and mark/catch it. You must estimate this and it must be in clear space preferable ahead of him. The tighter in you kick the ball the lower the pass will travel. The ball cannot be dropped vertically. In the old days, 1949, when muddy and variable surfaces were commonplace and the stab pass could not be kicked I invented the stab punt, An Australian Rules football Development. The following entry was in the Face to Face Exhibition at The Lilydale Museum, 13 October to 13 November 2011 Page 1 

Face to Face: Ordinary People, Extraordinary Lives 

 Muddy Conditions Countered. Johnson was outstanding in the mud with clever turning and accurate disposal, in muddy, windy and rain swept conditions. -Ringwood Mail, August1951 
 In 1949 Mt Evelyn football ground's surface was uneven and often very muddy. Studying Jack Dyer's drop-punt, 14-year-old Mt Evelyn player Jim Johnson adapted it into a field pass in 1948. Then, at 15, Jim invented and used a low, fast punt kick known as a 'stab-punt pass'. 
Jim used both the field pass and the stab-punt pass at full pace. Because the ball was kicked before it touched the ground, and stayed low, it was accurate in mud and windy conditions. Journalists didn't know what to call Jim's techniques. Frank Casey wrote in The Post on 8 September 1960, 'Johnson sent his delightful little drop punt pass direct to Manfield'. The same day Davey Crocket reported in the Ringwood Mail, 'Johnson should write a book on stab kicking - he has found the lost art'. 
Both kicks are in constant use today in Australian Rules football as they are suitable for fast play-on football.

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A stab kick in Australian rules is a kick that is very fast and low to the ground, usually not going above eye height.

The kick is very much like a very low drop kick - where the ball leaves one's hands and bounces momentarily on the ground, the kicking foot coming into contact with the ball the instant after the ball has made contact with the ground.

This is achieved by having fast movement of the foot through the football and having very little follow through, the toes pointed almost directly towards the ground at the point of contact with the ball. Further, unlike a drop kick, where the ball may be pointed at a 50 to 60 degree angle with the ground, when using the stab kick with almost no follow through of the leg, the ball is pointed at almost 80 degrees to the horizontal. Also, unlike the drop kick, the player's upper body remains primarily over the ball throughout the execution, whereas when going for more height and distance, as in the drop kick, the player leans back on the kick to maximize follow through.

The toes of the kicking foot should be pointed at the legs of your target player once you've kicked the ball.

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Q: How do you stab punt in Australian rules football?
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When was the first newspaper ad re the invention of the stab punt in Australian Rules Football?

Only recently (April 23rd) I traced the following advertisement. STAB PUNT The Inventor of the Stab Punt (1949) is Interested in hearing from anyone who used this Kick pre 1970 Ph. 8743622, that I placed in the Age, page 26, bottom right corner, on Thursday the 26th of July, 1990. This ad appeared on he Sports Page that had an article by David Parkin on the Torpedo Punt. This was one of several weekly articles on ball disposals in Australian Rules Football. So we have an article describing how to kick the football and an ad by someone who invented a kick in Australian Rules Football on the same page. Stab Punt Jim

In the field of soccer- who invented the stab punt?

I have been involved in researching the terms Stab Kick (pass) and stab punt (pass) for a long period of time and I have never seen any reference to these methods of foot disposal outside of Australian Rules Football. But I am always interested in learning. So would any body like to advice me further on this subject please do so. See "stab punt jim"on google

Who converted the stab kick into stab punt in Australian rules football?

The Stab kick discovered in Tasmania in 1902. So from 1902 no one did anything extra with the stab kick till Jim, a school kid, converted it into a stab punt in May1949. The stab punt invented by Jim, Aged 15 years, 5ft 2in(157.48 cm.), weighing 8 and 1/4 stone (52.5 kg), and playing for the Mount Evelyn First Eighteen in the Yarra Valley Football League.Young footballer invents new kick to counter muddy conditions. In 1949 15-year-old Jim Johnson and his older brother Charlie joined Mt Evelyn Football Club, Second XVIII. Mt Evelyn Football Ground's surface was then uneven and often very muddy. Studying the Sporting Globe Football Book (1948), Jim Johnson adapted Jack Dyer's 'crazy' Drop-Punt … 'the silliest looking kick in football history' (p.49) into an effective Drop- Punt (field pass) and later invented a Stab Punt (pass), both kicks being suitable to Mt Evelyn's mud. These kicks were able to be kicked at full pace with accuracy; they are in constant use today in Australian Rules football. Playing just three games, Jim won the 1949 Second-Best-and-Fairest trophy (The T.O. Millard Trophy). Theo Millard (Jim's uncle) was Mt Evelyn's major employer at Millard's' Timber and Trading. Jim, 157.5cm and weighing 51kg, was promoted to the first XVIII, winning the umpire's vote for best player on three occasions; joined Ringwood Football Club as First Rover for the First XVIII in 1950; and in 1960 played in a Premiership team for Croydon. 'Johnson was outstanding in the mud with clever turning and accurate disposal.' The Ringwood Mail, August 1951. Journalists had trouble finding the correct name for Johnson's Stab Punt. 'Johnson sent his delightful little drop punt passdirect to Manfield'. Frank Casey, The Post, September 8, 1960. 'Johnson should write a book on stab kicking - he has found the lost art'. Davey Crocket, The Ringwood Mail, September 8, 1960. Jim Johnson's story appeared in the Face to Face Exhibition at The Lilydale Museum, 13 October to 13 November 2011.See Stab Punt Jim on Google for further information.

Who invented the stab punt?

James A. Johnson in 1948

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