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Counterfeit Wayne Gretzky rookie cards will not have a clear appearance to them. Another way to spot counterfeit cards is that the edges will not be crisp.

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Q: How do you spot counterfeit gretzky rookie cards?
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You should look in the annual Beckett price guide. They have info on many counterfeit cards if you look at the description of the particular set. I think as a long term investment, Lemieux will endure much better than any other hockey player in history. While Gretzky seems to fail at everything he touches including Mcnalls stealing of 250 million that gretzky was involved with, to the gambling him and his wife were involved in, to the bankruptcy of the team he supposedly owns, to the overcharching to creditors for coaching fees of 7 million per year, to Journeying throughout the NHL in waning years to collect a paycheck and try to win, copying lemiuex in ownership, and even wearing a turtle neck sweater on the ice imitating lemiuex as he had to wear it after cancer treatment, accepting award as a great player when the statistics of players in Edmonton were better when he was not on the team, scoring as many points possible running up scores against weak teams in a non defensive environment, having 2 bullies on his side all the time that if he was ever checked, the player would not see daylight again, doing pathetic moneygrabbing commercials delivering pizza... Am I rambling, these are all facts and many more you don't want to know about. On the other hand Lemiuex, the purest depiction of a class act in sport history. Refused payments as a player to keep the team sound, refused silly endorsement contracts for integrity, chose his team and battled to keep it afloat when he first joined it, saving it from extinction, built a great team around him to win cups, fell ill several times, came back, saved the league from itself during strikes, saved relocation efforts of his team, didnt accept a dime of compensation as owner, gm, manager, and barely anything as player, instrumental in modifying rules of NHL to there betterment, drafting superstar players, making his home their home to nurture and save money for them, creating a spirit of NO I IN TEAM leading to the first owner player to conquer anysport in both capacities on the same team, having players willing to play for him for much less than they can make anywhere else, he is the absolute OPPOSITE of gretzky, and when the media finally is permitted to admit this, there will be no better investment.

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