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left right left right left right really quickly

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Q: How do you spin in axis football league?
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How many weeks in a axis football league season?


How can you make a fumble on axis football league?

you use your speed boost when your close

What is one complete spin onEarth's axis called?

rotationis one complete spin on earths axis!!!

What does the moon spin on?

Its axis.

Time it takes the earth to spin once on its axis?

24 hours = 1day for it to spin around once on its axis

What is earth spin?

The rotation of the planet on its axis of spin. The spin is responsible for the day and the night.

Does earth spin on its axis?

Yes it does!

What is the planets spin on its axis?


What does spin on axis mean?


What does earth do when it spin on its axis?

On its axis Earth rotates around the sun.

How many days does it take for the earth to spin on its axis?

It takes 1 sidereal day for the to earth to spin on its axis. That is 23.93447 hours.

Are the earths spin axis and rotation axis the same thing?

Yes. When we're talking about the Earth, 'spin' and 'rotate' are the same thing.