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you do a kickflip..

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Q: How do you spin a skateboard in the direction of a kickflip?
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How do you do a hospital flip on a skateboard?

Start with your feet in the kickflip position and when you spin your kickflip follow through with your foot and then flick the board round in the direction of a shuv. To land this just jump as you would for a kickflip.

What is harder a kickflip or an impossible on a skateboard?

For me kickflip

How easy is it to crack your skateboard?

A quadruple kickflip

How do you kickflip on a teck deck?

you kickflip on a tech deck by putting your fingers in the positon you would on a normal skateboard and try and ollie and it does a kickflip

Can Justin Bieber do an Ariel kickflip on his skateboard?


What skateboard trick is a fs popshovit and a kickflip combined?

a hardflip

The tricks for an average 13 year old to do on skateboard?

theres no average tricks for a specific age, i skateboard and im 13 and i can kickflip varial kickflip, big spin, heelflip, pop shove fs bs etc and i have friends that are my age that can nollie double tre flip. so it depends on how much you practice and how naturaly talented you are

What is a treflip?

it is a skateboard trick consisting of a 360 pop shove it and a kickflip

What is the third trick to learn on a skateboard?

ollie, pop shuv-it, kickflip

What is a tre flip on a skateboard?

It is the same as a 360 pop shove it and a kickflip combined

Why is it good if a skateboard has good pop?

the better the pop on a skateboard deck, the higher you will go when you ollie, kickflip or do any flip trick :)

What is a frontside flip on a skateboard?

A frontside flip is where you do a frontside 180 and do a kickflip at the same time.

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