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it is a fault and they go on to second serve, on the same side. if a ball hits the top of the net and goes in, it is a let and if that was the first serve it is still first serve, same side, no score change. if the server double faults the other team gets the point, and if on the second serve someone serves a let, it is still second serve, not a fault

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Q: How do you solve problem when first serve hit the net?
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How do you work out percent problems?

Hit the "e" key before the "r" key when typing percent. That should solve the problem.

What are the 3 different game points for winning the serve in Tennis?

If you're looking to improve your serve, the key is just to practice, practice, practice. However, generally, a good strategy is to hit a really hard flat serve for your first serve and then hit a very consistent second serve. Secondly, hit it where your opponent is not. If your opponent is guarding the alley, hit it down the line, if he is guarding the middle hit an out wide serve. Lastly, go with what your instinct tells you to do because you'll probably get it in if it feels and looks right.

Does a volleyball game begin in a drop hit a hit a serve or a toss?

A serve.

Short serve in badminton?

Hit the shuttle cock in between the first service line and the net.

What is it called when an ace is hit on the second serve?

Hmmm.....Second Serve Ace!

How high is a serve in volleyball?

The height of the serve depends on how high you throw it and how you hit it.

How will you decide who gets to serve first in badminton?

You hit the shuttle up and which every way the shuttle head is facing that person serves first. In mixed (when a girl + boy play together) the girl always has to serve first. The first service is always made from the right hand side of the court.

In game counter strike condition zero players pick gun only in left hand how can you solve this problem?

While spectating, hit Ctrl and change it in the menu which will appear.

Define the term Serve in volleyball?

When you start the round it is known as a serve. You toss it up in the air and hit it to the other team for them to hit it back to you

In tennis if you hit the net on you second serve do you reserve?

If it hits the net and goes into the service box, you get one re-serve (as opposed to getting two re-serves if you do that on your first serve). If it hits the net and does not land in the service box, then it is a double fault.

How do you hit a twist serve?

this is not the same as the heavy topspin serve that also goes by the nick name of "Kick" Serve. This question is about the "American" Twist serve.

Meaning of toss in volleyball?

When you serve the ball over the net to allow the game to begin, first (to do an over-head serve) you would "toss" the ball in the air to give your hand time to smack/hit the ball.