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well rub your self ten times and beat your self with a bat considering you just used wiki answers

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Q: How do you solve a Boston Red Sox Rubik's cube?
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What is the original color configuration for each side of the Rubicks cube?

for the original (currently used by japan) color scheme of the rubiks cube: okay, first hold the cube so that yellow is on top (if it has yellow) with blue on the front. on the right should be orange, on the left red, on the bottom green, and on the back white. this color scheme is also currently used on the 2x2x2 rubiks brand cube. the difference between the current and original color scheme is that yellow and blue are switched, making red opposite orange, blue opposite white, and green opposite yellow. this is for the American color scheme if you want to know what is currently used now. if you are holding it as described above then on the bottom should be white(or possibly black) red is on the right, green is on the back, and orange is on the left. something to help is that red is opposite of orange, blue is opposite of green, white is opposite of yellow, and if you look at th corner that has red white and blue, then in clockwise order around the corner is Red, White, then Blue. hope that helped!!

What is red cube in Botswanian language?

Guramr Cube

Reyna has a red cube and a green cube. The surfaces of each cube are numbered 1 to 6. What is the probability that she will get an even number of the red cube and a 2 on the green cube?


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