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Check out the link below on tips for throwing a screwball:

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Q: How do you snap your wrist to throw a screwball in baseball?
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Do you snap your wrist when throwing a baseball or do you let it snap by itself?

You have to snap it for acceleration.

What is the proper way to throw a frisbee?

Hold your index finger on the side of the rim. tuck the other fingers (not thumb) wrapping around the inside rim under the disc. Snap your wrist and throw with your arm.

How do you throw a frisbee the right way?

backhand- hold the disc with your index finger on the rim and the rest under it. keep the disc straight and snap your wrist while putting your arm into it. forehand- put your middle finger on the rim with your index next to it and the ring and pinkie finger on the inside rim. Snap your wrist.

Are you considered emo if you snap rubber bands on your wrist?

lol. nope. emos cut themselves. not snap rubber bands on their wrist. maybe you just have OCD.

How should you perform the snapping of the wrist when throwing a Frisbee?

Pull your wrist back and quickly snap it forward in the direction your throwing the Frisbee, releasing the disc about halfway through the snap.

Why does a curv ball curv in baseball?

the snap of the wrist when thrown is a forward flick and causes the forward rotation to make the ball drop dramatically

What is the best way to throw a softball?

first, take the ball in your dominant hand (righty or lefty) then put your arm straight behind you. bring your elbow forward, then your wrist, aim towards your target, and let go of the ball. (make sure to snap your wrist!)

What can you do with a black snap apple?

eat throw

How do you snap your wrist with a ruler in your hand and a eraser on the end of the ruler?

just drop the ruler

What is the name of those early 1990's bracelets that looked like rulers and one would snap them on their wrist to become bracelets?

they are called "snap braclets"

What are more names for shots in hockey?

Wrist shot, slap shot (clapper), snap shot and backhand

How do you snap a volleyball?

When hitting or spiking a volleyball, a player "snaps" his/her wrist in order to hit the ball harder and more downward. This is done by "breaking" the wrist immediately after the ball is hit.

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