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You weave in and out of a series of 5 feet tall gates inside the ground along a defined course. If you skip a gate you DNF "did not finish". The faster you complete the course the better. It is important to hit the gates every time you go for the gate...the correct gear will prevent you from getting hurt. If you find yourself not hitting the gate make your turns closer to the gate then once they are close enough to hit them, put you pole guard (hand) in-front of yourself to push the gate away. This is a good strategy but not needed.

You also have Giant Slalom, Super G (Super Giant Slalom) and Downhill. These are faster variations of the traditional slalom. The course is longer and the flags are positioned further apart. This makes the course faster as you need to make less of a sharp curve to reach the next flag. Downhill being the fastest.

In case you are talking about waterskiing, slalom is the same as in snow but with boueys floating on the water.

they go in between gates and they if they miss one there is a penalty

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Q: How do you ski slalom?
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What events are there in downhill skiing?

Downhill skiing consists of four main events which include Slalom, Giant Slalom, Super Giant Slalom, and Downhill. The different between these events is the placement of the gates. You also wear different gear and use different length skis for each event. Slalom - This event is when the ski gates are the closest together. Ski racers quickly navigate through the ski course. The ski gates "breakaway" as the ski racer hits them with their shin and/or arm as they ski by them. The reason ski racers hit the ski gates is to try to ski the straightest line possible down the ski slope. The straighter the line, the faster you go and the faster your run time. Ski racers bring the tip of their ski close to the ski gate and sometimes catch their ski tip and spin out. Ski racers were shin, arm, and hand guards plus a protective helmet. Giant Slalom has the gates farther apart then slalom. Ski racers do not hit the gates like they do in slalom. Therefore, they tend to wear less guards. However, a helmet is still required. Super Giant Slalom and the Downhill, in addition to Slalom and Giant Slalom, are usually done in professional ski racing or at Junior Olympic ski races for aspiring professional ski racers. The length of skis varies from year to year. Typically, though, slalom requires a much shorter ski then giant slalom. Super Giant Slalom and the Downhill require longer skis. Ski racers usually wear skin tight "GS" suits in a range of wild colors. I know because I used to compete in downhill ski racing.

Where does the word slalom originate from?

Norwegian, for a sloping track (slalom is a form of ski racing).

What do the red and blue flags mean in slalom ski racing?

There are no panels (flags) in slalom unless you are talking about paneld slalom, GS (giant slalom), super G or downhill. They do not have a meaning but to tell the racer which gate to ski around next.

What is it called to ski in a zigzap way?


What is a Zigzag ski course called?


What is a winding downhill ski race?


What is the name of the ski race that zig zags downhill?

There are a few...Super Giant Slalom, Giant Slalom, and Slalom. Depends on how wide the turns are.

Who was on the 1980 Men's US Olympic Ski Team?

1) Phil Mahre - downhill, slalom, giant slalom - won silver in slalom, the only medal won by the U.S. ski team, men or women, at the 1980 Games.2) Pete Patterson - downhill, slalom, giant slalom3) Andy Mill - downhill4) Karl Anderson - downhill5) Steve Mahre - slalom, giant slalom6) Cary Adgate - giant slalom7) Bill Taylor - slalom

What is the name of the ski race zigzag down the hill?


How do you slalom water ski?

to slalom water ski, the ski-er must pass through entry gatesof a slalom course and then round six bouys and exit via another gates the boat travels at a set speed if the ski-er makes a pass the rope is then shortend at every pass until the ski-er falls.who ever makes the most bouys on the shortest rope wins

Who was on the 1980 women's US Olympic ski team?

1) Heidi Preuss - downhill, giant slalom2) Cindy Nelson - downhill, giant slalom, slalom3) Holly Flanders - downhill4) Christin Cooper - giant slalom, slalom5) Tamara McKinney - giant slalom, slalom6) Abbi Fisher - slalomThe U.S. women's alpine ski team won no medals at the 1980 Winter Games. The best finish was a 4th place by Heidi Preuss in downhill.

What is Slalom?

Slalom is a discipline in alpine ski racing, a sport in which the racers go through a timed course to see who's the fastest.

How many gates in a snow ski slalom course?


What is the name given to water skiing with one ski?

Slalom is the name given to water skiing with one ski.

What ski races are in a combined event?

The combined time of the slalom and downhill race.

A winter sport that starts with s?

Slalom, skiing, ski jump, snowboarding.

What is the difference between slalom skis and giant slalom skis?

If you are a serious downhill ski racer then you know that you need to invest in at least two pair of skis. One pair of skis is for slalom racing while the other pair of skis is for giant slalom racing. Slalom skis tend to be shorter in length and narrower because you need to move your skis quickly. In slalom the gates are fairly close together and you need to be able to maneuver around them with lightning speed. Shorter skis allow quick movement and helps prevent catching your tip on a gate. Giant slalom skis tend to be longer and wider because you have a greater distance between gates. You want as much flat surface area of the bottom of your ski to be in contact with the snow as possible to increase your speed. The size you choose for your slalom and giant slalom skis depends on your height, preference, and skiing ability. Consult with a ski professional to help you out.

What is a ski-race?

In Alpine skiing there are 4 main types of ski racing, slalom, giant slalom, super giant slalom and downhill. In the events you must ski around "gates" without missing a gate or you will get disqualified. You race against people your age and gender and whoever make it down the course the fastest wins! In cross-country skiing there are two main types, free (skate) and classic style. You ski a prepared track typically between 2 and 50 kilometers long.

What kind of ski race involves many turns?

In the slalom, skiers navigate a course of marked turns.

What is a ski race?

Alpine There are 4 main types of alpine ski racing: slalom, giant slalom, super giant slalom and downhill. In the events you must ski around "gates" without missing a gate or you will get disqualified. You race against people in your age and gender and whoever make it down the course the fastest wins! Cross-country Is divided into classic and free (skate) categories or a combination of them. You ski a track which is a mix of uphill, downhill and flat parts ranging typically from a few to 50 kilometers. And as for alpine skiing, fastest to complete the course wins.

What were the new sports for the 2014 Winter Olympic Games?

There were 12 events debuting at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia:Figure skating teamMen's snowboard slopestyleWomen's snowboard slopestyleMen's snowboard parallel slalomWomen's snowboard parallel slalomLuge relateMen's ski halfpipeWomen's ski halfpipeMen's ski slopestyleWomen's ski slopestyleWomen's ski jumpingBiathlon mixed relay

What is the meaning of the word hafjell?

Hafjell is a Norwegian village and ski resort that hosted parts of the Winter Olympics in 1994. Besides that Hafjell additionally hosts World Cup slalom and giant slalom events.

Who is the most decorated ski racer?

Ingemar Stenmark from Sweden. 3 overall world cup titles, 8 slalom world cup titles, 8 giant slalom world cup titles, in total 86 world cup race wins (which no one else is close to) and gold medal in both slalom and giant slalom in the olympics.

What is a slalom curve called in skiing?

Nobody has answered this because "slalom curve" isn't terminology that really matches anything exactly; at least in alpine skiing. If this is an alpine question, are you referring to ski equipment, the ski turn, the track/path in the snow, or something involving slalom racing? The basic answer would be "turn". previous answer: ESS

What competition did Lindsey Vonn win when she was 14?

Lindsey Vonn, the Olympic alpine skier, won the slalom at the Trofeo Topolino when she was 14 years old. The Trofeo Topolino is an Italian ski competition for juniors (ages 11-14) composed of slalom, giant slalom, and "combi" (combination slalom and downhill run) races. Vonn remains the only American to win at the Trofeo Topolino; she has gone on to win two gold and two silver Olympic medals and two gold and two silver World Ski Championships.