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you don't. you start younger and work your way up to the NBA.

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Q: How do you sign up to be in the NBA?
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What is that sign nba players throw up after they shoot a three pointer?

The A'OK sign. or the Three Goggles.

Who is the player on the NBA sign?

The NBA player on the NBA logo is Jerry West.

How do you get out of the D-League on NBA 2k11?

Well you have to get good stats and a team from the NBA can call you up for a ten day contract and if you do well they might sign you.

How do you make it in the NBA?

To get into the NBA you have to play professional baketball or be heaps good so that teams in the NBA can sign you up. e.g. Jawai from the Gold Coast Taipans just got signed by the Toronto Raptors for next season.

Where could one find information on the NBA League passes?

The official site for the NBA features information regarding how to sign up the NBA League Pass. Provider specific sites such as Direct TV also features this information.

Can an nba player sign with a team after the season starts?

Yes, a player who is not contracted to a particular team can sign with any NBA team after the season starts.

Is Jery West under the NBA sign?


Where do you go to sign up to get in the nba draft?

u dont sign up, u go to a college, and teams look and say "gee that guy is good, id like him to play 4 my team" so they offer u a salary

Do you have to sign to the NBA team that drafts you?

no you don't, you are drafted and then have a choice to sign with them or sign with another team! hope this was helpful!

When is the deadline to sign new nba players?

their isnt one

Where can you watch NBA Game?

Look up NBA on Google and the schedule pops up

How much money does a NBA player make?

It Depends On The Contract You Sign For An Example I Sign A 30,000,000 Million Dollar Contract So I Get $5,000,000 Dollars A Year But It Add Up To 30 Million Dollars But You Got To Break It Down

Did john wall sign NBA contract?

YEs with the Washington Wizards.

How do NBA get job pay?

NBA players sign a contract when deciding to play for that team. Then the general manager of that team gives the player a check.

Who was the first African American to sign a NBA contract and with what team?

bob mcadoo

How do you put draft players on a team in NBA 2k10?

your suppost to sign them first

Why can't i sign in on nba 2k13?

I recently bought the game but can't seem to log in. Everytimei start the game i have to go through the birth thing and signing up. And when i tried to sign in it says 'you must be signed in to access this feature.' can anyone help me? ;S

How can you sign up for Skype?

Go to skype's website and download the program and then after install when the program opens you will get a choice to sign in or sign up. You can sign up then by clicking sign up.

If a NBA D League player dose not make it to the NBA can they stay in development until the NBA picks them up?

Yes, they can.

Which NBA star did not use up any of his NBA money?

everybody did pendejo



When do nba players get paid?

They get paid as soon as they sign a contract with whatever team they are playing for.

Information how to sign up?

can i sign up

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