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Put them in a cold climate and they tend to shrink. (Not much, but a little) I had kangaroo leather Puma's which were slightly big for my feet at first, but when i put them into a cold climate they shrunk down to the right size.

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Q: How do you shrink kangaroo soccer cleats to your feet?
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Do soccer cleats protect the body when playing soccer?

soccer cleats are shoes for soccer if anything they protect ur feet but that's not what theyr for............

How do you use soccer cleats?

You put them on your feet, then use them. However buy cleats that are ideal for the turf you are going to be playing on.

Why is there a difference between soccer cleats and baseball cleats?

All styles of cleats are different depending on brand and preference. The main difference between soccer cleats and cleats for baseball is a "toe spike". Baseball cleats have a spike at the front of the foot, where the toes are to provide traction when taking off running in dirt, whereas, soccer cleats do not have this toe spike, because it would be hard to kick a ball off the ground properly without it getting stuck in the ground. Also soccer cleats are usually more "form fitting" or will have a more sleek and tighter feel to them since you play soccer with your feet, this allows for maximum feeling of control

What cleats may be used in soccer?

you were clets in soccer because they help your feet stick into the groung so that you will not slip and many other reasons!!!

What is the relationship between cleats and shoes?

They both are worn on your feet, one is used for sports such as soccer though.

Can you wear the same cleats for youth football and baseball?

"Football cleats give you more support in the midsole than soccer or baseball cleats," says Joseph Skiba, equipment manager for the New York Giants. "This helps with lateral movement and with things like taking hits or making tackles." With a sturdier feel than a soccer cleat, football cleats keep your feet and ankles from turning. This allows for quick movements and helps keep your feet under you when tackling, blocking or taking hits. So it's probably fine to wear football cleats for baseball or soccer, but you shouldn't wear baseball or soccer cleats for football.

Besides the ball name something you need to play soccer.?

Players Net Cleats Feet Uniform Protective Gear

What do soccer players wear on there feet?

They usually wear cleats. They are shoes with studs on the bottom so the player has good grip on the ground.

What do you wear on your feet when doing sports?

I wear tennis shoes when running/tennis. Cleats when playing soccer/football. Basketball Shoes for basketball.

If you go in a bath with new soccer cleats on does it help?

Yes. After they are soaked through, you would walk around until they dry out (mostly) and mold too your feet. BC

Why Footballers wear cleats shoe?

They wear cleats so their feet can get a grip on wet grass.

Why are Cleats cool?

Cleats could make you more faster. They can also keep you up on your feet from falling.