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Put the cup in the jock strap and tell him to wear it like underwear...

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Q: How do you show your son to put on a jock cup?
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What age can my son get a jockstrap for school pe?

Any boy that plays PE should be wearing a jockstrap for the support of his family jewels. If the boy has started wearing boxers before 7th grade ( Jr high) he should wear a regular Bike jock under those boxers. I would recommend however try fitting your son well before that if he skateboards often with a cup/ jock NO compression shorts.

Your 11 yr old son says the other boys don't wear a cup playing tackle football so he doesn't want to either. Can anyone explain why or why not a cup should be used?

When I was young my coaches told us a cup was not necessary for football but it was manditory to wear something for support (a jock strap/athletic supporter). it is more important in baseball to wear a cup because the baseballs are thrown and hit at high speeds.

How do you help your son put on a jockstrap?

Measure his waist and select the appropriate size. There are 2 classifications of sizes - youth and adult. The youth ones are designed for a boy who has not yet hit puberty, and the adult sizes have more room in the cup / pouch, and are intended for someone who has started puberty. If it is a non cup jockstrap, tell him to pull it up, making sure the pouch covers the scrotum, but does not pinch. If it a cup jock, tell him to make sure the cup fully covers his genitals and does not pinch them. Also, the jockstrap goes on first, next to the skin. No underwear should be worn over it, as this will cause excessive sweating and chafing.

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