How do you shoot a soccer ball?

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You choose where your going to kick the ball, then kick the ball with your laces and whatever foot you use to kick the ball with you swing the opposite arm for balance. (You also always have to be confident.) And another thing is that before you kick the ball you look at where your going to kick it and then while your kicking it you always have your eye on the ball! - All of this is for penalties not in a game situation BUT you can use some of these tactics. I really hope this is helpful :)

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Q: How do you shoot a soccer ball?
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What do you shoot in while playing the sport soccer?

You shoot a soccer ball in a goal net.

How do you play the offences of soccer?

you just get the ball and shoot ed

Why do you need a ball and a goals in soccer?

Well, in case you haven't noticed, in soccer, you need a soccer BALL. Also, in soccer, you need GOALS. The reason you NEED these items in SOCCER is because you shoot the BALL in to the GOALS to get a GOAL. Now, if you have anymore OBVIOUS questions, i'll be happy to to answer them for you.

Can you tell me all about soccer?

Soccer is a sport in which you need to shoot the soccer ball into the other players net. On your side you want to keep the ball from going into your net. You cannot use your hands unless you are the goalie.

How do you say to shoot in portuguese?

The primary meanings of to shoot is : atirar (gun) - chutar, ( ball, soccer). ah-tte-rar - shootar -

Who shoot the soccer ball at 222 km?

I suppose the question is wrong ! 222km ? I think 222 m !

Why isn't soccer called soccer ball?

It isn't called soccer ball because the soccer ball is the ball you use in soccer. See? I have actually heard people call it soccer and soccer ball.

What do you do in soccer games?

you try to get the ball from the opposite team and pass it to your teammates or try to shoot the ball in the opposite net of your team. you should even know, or have even played soccer before , its so fun.

How do you shoot a knuckle ball?

Shoot the ball with no rotation

How does shooting a soccer ball have to do with science?

When you shoot or kick a soccer ball you are transferring energy. when your feet swings back it is storing energy .This is called potential energy and When you kick the ball and the ball flies this is called kinetic energy.Potential energy -stored energyKinetic energy- energy of motion

How do you shoot a soccer ball with your heel?

You turn your back to the ball, and kick your foot backwards so that the heel of your foot strikes the ball. Note that this is not a legal way to kick a Penalty Kick.

How is soccer related to science?

When yo shoot or kick the soccer ball you are transfering energy. When your foot swings back it is storing energy. This is called potential energy. When you kick the ball and it goes forward this is called kinetic energy.

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