How do you shoot a basketball?

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7 keys of shooting:

1. feet = base which means that your feet should be shoulder withe apart.

2. knees = bent make sure your knees are bent

3. elbows = over knee under ball which means your elbow is suppose to be over your knee and under the ball

4. wrist = wrinkles and that means you should see wrinkles on your wrist before shooting

5. hands = space that means when you have the ball about to shoot you can see air through a hole this means you have to hold it with your finger tips.

6. eyes= radar which means that you put your eyes on one small point like a nail at the back of the rim and you dont take your eyes off the one point

7. follow through = cookie jar; it's like when you were little and you brought your hands up so high on the counter so you could grab a cookie out of the jar on the counter.

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Q: How do you shoot a basketball?
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