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The tee markers on a Golf course are set up by the greens staff prior to the commencement of a given day or competition. The just set them down level with each other pointing towards the fairway or green. They are always set up on the tee box which is a specially designated area which is closely mown.

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Q: How do you set up tee markers for golf?
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Is there a set distance in which the tee should be set on the tee box?

there is no set distance in which the tee markers are set.. It is up to the maintance people who cut the tees

Who originally came up with the golf tee box markers colors?

the up with came up with the game

Could you tee up your ball no more than 2 club lengths in front of the tee-markers true or false?

false you have to tee up behind the markers

If the tee markers on a tee box are clear in the back of the tee box is it ok to tee up in an area 2 club lengths behind the markers even if the area is not flat and manicured?

yes, under the rules of golf the " teeing ground" extends 2 club lengths back from each tee marker and across >

What is a tee shot?

A tee shot in its simplest form is the first shot on every hole in a round of golf. It is where a stroke is played from the designated teeing area, as defined by two tee markers. Where the two tee markers are placed a player must tee the ball in between them and they have the option of going up to two club lengths behind them, but never in front of them. A tee does not have to be used.

What range is allowed when moving tee markers?

As in Can you move the tee markers? No. They have to be left where they are. The only thing you can do is going backwards, take 2 club lengths from the front of the tee markers, and you can tee up anywhere within this 2 club area.

Can a player stand outside of the tee box markers as long as his ball remains between the markers whilst hitting a tee shot?

Yes. The ball has to between the markers and up to two club lengths behind. The player can stand anywhere.

Which golf term is to place the ball on the tee?

Teeing up.

Which American pop singer set up a record company called Jay Tee Records?

Jay Tee Records was set up by Jay Tee.

Can you lift up grass with your club or hand to tee a ball up instead of using a tee peg in golf?

Yes, you are allowed to do this.

How do you get a score in golf?

A golf score is counted up by the amount of shots you hit in order, between tee box and into the hole.

What are the limitations to teeing a golf ball?

You have to use a tee which has been approved for play by the R&A and USGA. So you couldn't tee it up on a beer can. If you use a tee approved for play you can do it up as high or as low as you want.

How far behind the tee markers can you tee your ball My partner teed off about 5 feet behind the tee markers Was that legal?

The teeing ground is the area that the BALL is to be teed and is defined as the space even with and between the tee markers, to a distance of two club lengths behind the markers; your feet can be outside of this 'box'. I've never seen in the rules as to exactly where the 'front' of the box is, but 'courtesy' would suggest it's to the center of the tee marker [as opposed to the leading-edge of the marker]. I've also never seen which club shall be used to measure the two club lengths behind the markers...courtesy again would suggest, whatever club you are intending to tee off with! And finally, having worked on a course, and been trained by one of the best superintendents in the industry, tee markers should be placed six paces apart (that's six steps, not twelve steps!); therefore, about 14-16 feet apart...not the entire width of the tee box like you see on most 'cheap' courses! Someone who knows how to set-up the course, understands the value of this seemingly 'narrow' distance between the markers, and how much control they can have over the golfers!

How early shoud you arrive at a golf course before your tee time?

It depends if your golf club requires you to show up a set time before you tee off. If you have the choice you should turn up as much as an hour before to allow you to hit a few balls and get warmed up. You should also practice your putting and pitching as this is where you will save most shots during your round.

How do you tee up the golf ball on the tee?

Simple physics.Hold the tee so that the pointed end is down (i.e. closer to the centre of the Earth)Insert the golf tee parallel to the local pull of gravity into the surface you are teeing off fromPlace the ball on the top (cupped end) of the tee so that a line drawn from the center of the ball will be superimposed on the line if the main axis of the tee which was placed parallel to the local direction of the force of gravity.

3 main areas that make up a Golf hole?

The three main ones are the tee, fairway and green.

Can you tee up a golf ball twice in one hole?

Only if you are playing from the teeing area. If you hit the ball out of bounds or lost a ball you may re-tee the ball.

What instrument measures tiny movements of markers set up on the opposite sides of a fault?

how do seismic waves behave when they encounter a faultwhat device thtat measures tiny movements of markers set up on the opposite sides of a fault is

What instrument measures tiny vertical or horizonal movements of markers set up on the opposite sides of a fault?

A Creep Meter is a device that can measure tiny vertical or horizontal movements of markers set up on the opposite sides of a fault.

In a golf game if a golfer hits a ball and it lands on the fairway is he allowed to pick the ball up and put it on a tee?

No, the only time you are allowed to place the ball on a tee is when you are in the designated teeing ground hitting what is determined as the tee shot.

How do you book a tee time?

Phone the pro shop of the Golf course you want to play. They will ask you what time you would ideally like and then give you a few alternatives. At some Golf courses you can phone up and book a tee time in an hours time, but others like St Andrews, the waiting list for a tee time is 18 months.

What equipment do you need to play golf?

Golf clubs, golf balls, and a tee. To Play A Round Of Golf, You Need Clubs (Up To 14), A Good Supply Of Balls Incase You Lose A Few, Tees, A Golf Club Bag, A Glove (Optional), A Green Tool And A Ball Marker, And A Pencil.

What is the area where you tee up?

tee box

Can you pick up a broken tee from the tee box and use it to tee your ball up?

Yes, you may do this.

What is the most important factor in an excellent golf swing?

The most important factor in an excellent golf swing is set up.