How do you service a powakaddy?

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Throw it away and buy a different brand!

check the battrey, battrey charger, motor, controller, gearbox, clutches, POT and wiring

The wheels on my powerkaddy don't go round together

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Q: How do you service a powakaddy?
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When was PowaKaddy created?

PowaKaddy was created in 1983.

Where can a person go to find sales on electric golf trolleys made by Powakaddy?

The best place to find official sales for electic golf trolleys made by Powakaddy is the official Powakaddy website. Additionally, you can purchase low-cost, used electric golf trolleys made by Powakaddy from auction sites such as Amazon or Ebay.

Where are PowaKaddy trolleys sold at?

PowaKaddy golf trolleys are sold at Golf Gear Direct. They sell a variety of models from the base model to the most advanced fully loaded trolley models.

How do you strip down a powakaddy gearbox?

the same way you strip a girl.

Where can a Powakaddy Freeway be bought?

A Powakaddy Freeway is an electric golf bag trolley made in England, and sold in 50 countries. They can be purchased at better golf supply stores, or online at websites such as Caddy Country or Amazon.

How much does a battery for a Powakaddy golf cart cost?

A battery for a Powakaddy golf cart costs around $100. They can be bought online, at golf stores like Golf Supply Store, Golf Town, Golf Smith and Golf Warehouse.

Where can one purchase a Powakaddy golf cart?

One can purchase a Powakaddy golf cart on specialist golf sites such as Complete Golfer and Direct Golf. They can also be bought from larger sports stores like Sports Direct and JD Sports as well as online from Lilywhites.

How do you control the speed of golf trolley?

There is on a powakaddy a switch on the side which you control with your index finger, the further you turn it the quicker it will go. With some trolleys you have a plus and a minus sign, obviously the plus means quicker and the minus means slower. You should check with the instruction manual to see how you do it.

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