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wat the hell are u talking about. ALL particepants in Cricket have the name of their country as the name for the team. But in 1st class cricket, it depends on the person who selects the players to create the team

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Q: How do you select the cricket team name?
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What is the name of the Australian cricket team?

The Australian cricket team is simply called the Australian cricket team.

What is the Zimbabwe cricket team name?

The Mighty Warriors is the Zimbabwe cricket team's name.

How do you join India cricket team?

join in best cricket club in your city . if your playing well they select for distric matches and under 15;under19 matches and ranji trophy matches. if your playing well. you may select in indian cricket team

What is the name of the NZ woman cricket team?

The name of the New Zealand Womens Cricket Team is the White Ferns.

Suggest me a cricket team name?

The best way to give a world best name to your team is by your own self. Think deeply which thing you love most. Arrange players names you like most and select their first digit to make a word or if it is not possible then then I suggest a name " KOC " KING OF CRICKET

What is the name of the Bolivian Cricket team?

The Bolivia cricket team is named the Bolivia National Cricket team. Bolivia is a country that is located in South America.

What is the name of the Indian cricket team?

Indian Cricket Team Team India Men In Blues INDIAN TIGERS

What is the Name of the current Indian cricket team?

team India

What is the name for the Australian Cricket Team?

There isn't a nickname. They are just Cricket Australia.

What is the name of the SA cricket team?

The Proteas

Can you name a fantastic name for a cricket team?

Block buster

What is the name for the nz cricket team?

The Black Caps