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there are three ways to score one is by a touchdown (6 points) another is by a field goal (3 points) (point after touchdown[PAT]=1 point) and another way to score is by safety (2 points) THERE YOU GO :] __________________________________________________________ actually that's not AFL. there are no touchdowns or field goals. in AFL there are two ways to score. If the ball is kicked through the two large posts, it is a goal, worth six points. If a ball is kicked through a large post and a small post, it is a behind, worth only one point. or, if the ball is touched, hanballed, or put through the large posts by the opposing team it is a behind instead of a goal.

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Q: How do you score in AFL?
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Highest AFL score?

The highest ever score in AFL is 239 scored by Geelong.

What is the biggest AFL team score?

Geelong owns the highest ever AFL score of 37.17.239 Vs Brisbane Bears, on 3rd May 1992.

Who was the last player to score 100 goals in an AFL season?

Lance Franklin in 2009 was the last player to score 100 goals in an AFL season

What is highest score ever in Afl?


What is the Lowest score in AFL since 1990?

22 points

What is Hawthorn's most ever goals in an AFL game?

Hawthorn's highest ever score in an AFL game was: 36.15.231 in 1991 against Fitzroy.

What is the lowest-ever score in the AFL - the American Football League?


What is the highest afl score?

54.20.344 by Fremantle vs West Coast

How do you score points in Australian football?

you score points in afl by kicking goals for 6 points and a behind for 1 point

What was the final score of the first AFL game the Broncos won?


In AFL how do you score a goal?

Kick the ball in between the two white sticks.

What team holds the record for the lowest score in afl?

fremantle 13 points to Adelaide 131

What is port Adelaide highest score in AFL?

24.19.188 v Hawthorn Round 13 2005.

What is collingwood highest score in the afl?

32.19.211 v St Kilda in Round 17 1980.

What is the lowest score ever in AFL football - Australian Football League?

1, by St Kilda in 1899.

How are AFL matches drawn?

when the two teams versing each other end up on the same score.

What was the lowest score in the AFL?

The lowest score ever is 0.1.1 by Footscray [now the Western Bulldogs] in 1921. Also, 1 point by St Kilda, 1899.

When was the first NFL-afl championship played?

January 15, 1967 ... the Green Bay Packers of the NFL defeated the Kansas City Chiefs of the AFL by the score of 35-10. This game is now known as Super Bowl I.

What round and year was the highest score in AFL?

Round 7 1992 by Geelong - 32.17.239 over Brisbane Bears - 11.9.75

What was the score when the Oilers played the Chargers in the AFL championship?

The Oilers and Chargers played in the AFL Championship Game in the AFL's first two seasons of existence: January 1, 1961: Oilers 24, Chargers 16 December 24, 1961: Oilers 10, Chargers 3

Who did the Kansas City Chiefs beat in the AFL Championship game to get to the first super bowl?

Buffalo Bills by the score of 31-7.

Which team has had the biggest afl win?

Geelong defeated Brisbane by 172 points the score was Geelong 239, Brisbane 75.

Lowest afl score by Melbourne?

I'm pretty sure this is Melbourne't lowest score: Melbourne 0.3 0.4 0.6 0.8 [8] Essendon 0.1 0.4 1.6 1.8 [14] Lake Oval 1897

What is Collingwood's lowest ever score in AFL?

Collingwood's lowest score is 0.8 (eight points) defeated by South Melbourne 2.15 (27 points) at Victoria Park Round 11 Saturday 17th July 1897.

What is the difference in salaries between the AFL and AFL 2?

There is no AFL 2!