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A hockey player is credited with a hit when he successfully utilizes a hit to separate an opposing player from the puck.

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Q: How do you score a hit in NHL hockey?
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What is the NHL specific rule for scoring a hit in hockey?

you don't score a hit in hockey

Can you throw a hockey puck in the goal to score?

no you cant that's not allowed in hockey you have to hit it in with the hockey stick

Who was the first American born hockey player to score 50 goals in a NHL season?

Who was the first American born hockey player to score 50 goals in a NHL season?Bobby Carpenter was the first american born hockey player to score 50 goals in a season scorinng 53 goals in 1984-85 season.

Who is the first NHL hockey player to score 50 goals in 50 games?

maurice Richard

When did hockey start in the NHL?

Hockey started in 1926 in the NHL.

When did NHL Hockey happen?

NHL Hockey happened in 1991.

How do score in field hockey UK?

you hit the heavy ball in the goal

In what year did NHL hockey start?

nhl hockey started in the 1800's

What is the score of a forfeit in hockey?

For the NHL (and in most sports regardless of level of play) it is 1-0. See the related link section below for the NHL official ruling.

Are there currently any female hockey players in NHL?

No, there is no female hockey players in the NHL

How can a defensive hockey player score a goal?

In the same ways as any player. If they can hit the puck into the goal, they can score.

What does NHL stand for?

National Hockey League (NHL)

Was there an NHL hockey player with initials NHL?


What is the record for most goals scored in NHL hockey?

243 goals scored in NHL hockey

What is a NHL jerseys?

nhl jersey is as same as hockey jersey.Nhl means National Hockey League.

When did NHL Eastside Hockey Manager happen?

NHL Eastside Hockey Manager happened in 2004.

What is a score called in hockey?

A score in hockey is called a goal.

How do you get to the NHL?

You get good at hockey !

How do you score goals in hockey?

Hit the puck across the goal line and into the back of the net.

What is the length of an NHL hockey rink?

A regulation size NHL hockey rink is 200 feet long.

Does Colorado have an NHL hockey team?

yes there is a NHL hockey team and the team is called The Colarado Avalanche

What is the life span of a hockey puck in the NHL?

The average lifespan of an NHL hockey puck is 7 minutes.

What is NHL in French?

The National Hockey League (NHL) in French is League Nationale de Hockey (LNH).

NHL what does that mean?

NHL means National Hockey League.

What was the NHL originally called?

National Hockey League "NHL"