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The skiing = el esqui skiing = esquiando

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Q: How do you say skiing in spanish?
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How do you say you are skiing in spanish?

I am skiing - estoy esquiando

How you say skiing in spanish?


How do you say m skiing in spanish?


How do you say did you go skiing in Spanish?

Google translator lists it as ' lo vas a esquiar'

What is esqui in Spanish?


How do you say 'I went skiing' in French?

j'ai fait du skiing

What is the ideal skiing temp?

I would say -3c to -5c is the best temperature for skiing.

Is it correct grammar to say where do you going skiing?

No. The correct formulation would be "Where are you going skiing?"

How do you say hot cocoa skiing snowboarding and the x games in spanish?

Chocolate caliente, esquí en nieve y los juegos X.

What is el esqui in spanish?

This term refers to the sport of skiing.

What is one spanish-speaking country in which you can go skiing in July?


How do you say snow skiing in German?

Ski laufen

How do you say Freestyle skiing in french?

Ski acrobatique

What is Estonias national sport?

I would say skiing

How do you say skiing is fun in Finnish?

Hiihtäminen on hauskaa.

How ddo you say ophra in Spanish?

How do you say ophra in spanish? That is how you say "ophra" in spanish.

Is it how do you say chest in spanish?

This is how you say chest in spanish By: Alissa This is how you say chest in spanish By: Alissa

How do you say I like you ' in Spanish?

"Me gustas" is "I like you" in Spanish.

How do you say go skiing in french?

Faire du ski

How do you say how is the skiing in French?

Comment est le ski?

What does the pig say in the Geico skiing commecial?

Pure adrenalin

How do you say heart in spanish?

To say heart in spanish, say: corazón

How do say 'age' in spanish?

to say age in spanish you say (edad)

What spanish speaking country can you go skiing in?

Argentina, Chile, and I THINK Spain has a resort in the Pyrenees.

How do you say i do have a pet in spanish?

how to say I do not have a pet in spanish

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