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an open book (in both regular or figurative meaning) means "un livre ouvert" in French.

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Q: How do you say open book in french?
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How do you say open your exercise book in french?

To say "open your exercise book" in French, you would say "Ouvre ton cahier d'exercices."

How do you say 'open the book at page' in French?

Ouvrez vos livres a la page....

How do you say open Sunday in French?

you can say OPEN SUNDAY : ouvert le dimanche

How do you say my French book in French?

mon livre francais

How do you say open minded in French?

Open-minded is "d'esprit ouvert" is "ouvert d'esprit" (both are correct) in French.

How do you say a book in french'?

un livre

How do you say note book in french?


How do you say book in the french language?


How do you say book in regular french?


How do you say open till in french?

Ouvert jusqu'à ..

How do you say 'a fantasy book' in french?

The term "A fantasy book" is translated into French as "Une livre de fantaisie".

How do you say help me in french?

according to my french book it's Au secours