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jeu, set et match

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2010-04-18 15:10:31
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Q: How do you say game set match in french?
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What is game set match in tennis?

"Game, set, and match" is the term for the final point scored in a tennis match. It's effectively a shorthand for saying "that point ends the game, that game ends the set, and that set ends the match."

In a tennis match at which point do the players switch courts?

you switch every set there is a match that turns into a set that turns into a full game

What three word phrase for tennis?

Game, Set, Match.

Who wrote the spy story Game set and match?

Len Deighton

What are the release dates for Mystery - 1980 Game Set and Match 3 9-17?

Mystery - 1980 Game Set and Match 3 9-17 was released on: USA: 6 April 1989

How do you say tv set in french?


How do you say drum set in French?


What is match point in a badminton?

Match point: Situation 1: Let's say there's a Player A, he won the first set. And now he got 20 points in the 2nd set, that's called a match point, the point that might determine the winner. Situation 2: Player A won the first set, but lose the second set, but in the third set, he is getting his 20th point, so that is called the match point. Conclusion: Match point is a point that might determine the winner of the match. (Match point will never be in the first set, first set 20 points are called game point)

Who wrote the spy trilogy Game Set And Match?

Correct Answer : Len Deighton

Who wrote the spy trilogy game set match?

Correct Answer : Len Deighton

How do you say 7 30 in french?

To say 7:30 in French, it is sept (set) trente (truhh).

How do you set up wii table tennis match for two persons?

Depends what game your on.

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