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servir un voleibol is how you say Serve a volleyball :)

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Q: How do you say Serve a volleyball in Spanish?
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Related questions

How do you say the score in volleyball?

you say it after you serve but you say yor scor first

How do you say to play volleyball in Spanish?

to play volleyball is: jugar al voleibol.

How do you say you like volleyball in spanish?

I like volleyball: Me gusta voleibol. I like to play volleyball: Me gusta jugar voleibol.You say it like this: Me gusta el volleyball.

How do you say she plays volleyball in spanish?

Ella juega Volleyball. (Pronounce volleyball in English given the name of the game is the same.)

How do you say beach volleyball in spanish?

playa volibol

How do you say the scores in volleyball?

you say it before you serve. If you serve it without saying the score its a fault. You always say your team score first even if the other team is winning.

Is out on a serve in volleyball?

i do not understand your question. but you ca serve the ball out in volleyball.

When can a player block a serve in volleyball?

You aren't allowed to block a serve in volleyball.

How do you say Volleyball in Spanish?

voleibol :D you welcome

How many seconds do you have to serve the volleyball?

if ur 14 and under then you have 5 seconds to serve the volleyball

How do you say 'I play volleyball' in Spanish?

Juego al voleibol. Or... practico voleibol.

How do you say 'to serve' in Spanish?

Para servir.

Are you allowed to serve with a fist in seventh grade volleyball?

No, you are not allowed to serve with a fist in any level of volleyball.

How do you say 'you playing volleyball later' in Spanish?

You would say "¿Vas a jugar al voleibol más tarde?"

How do you say i play volleyball at the beach in spanish?

juego vollyball en la playa.

How do you say do you like to play volleyball in spanish?

Te gusta jugar al voleibol?

Can you attack a serve in Volleyball?

No, you are not allowed to attack or block a serve in volleyball. If you did, you would give a point to the other team.

What class of lever is used during a volleyball serve?

above vi std players are used volleyball serve

What are some terms in Spanish for the sport of volleyball?

Volleyball is translated as 'voleibol' in Spanish

What is the backcourt in volleyball?

its the back of the court in volleyball, also where you serve from.

Where do you serve from in volleyball?

You serve from behind the courts line.

How far away do you stand to serve a volleyball?

You should stand behind the line, to serve a volleyball. If you put one of your legs over the line, the serve won't count.

What does serve out mean in volleyball?

When the referee calls "serve out" it means that the serve landed outside of the volleyball court and is therefore out of play. When this happens, the team opposite the server's gets a point and gets to serve ball.

What is a baseline in volleyball?

The baseline in volleyball is where you would serve from. Or if you don't serve that far back, it is considered the out line. The farthest line from the net.

How do you say 'How can I serve you' in Spanish?

Cómo lata Sirvo usted?

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