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Water Polo in Spanish is: polo acuático.

Yo juego al polo acuático.

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2013-09-12 13:36:50
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Q: How do you say I play water polo in Spanish?
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Do women play water polo?

Women play water polo because it's a great way to get their bodies nicely toned and in-shape, and did i mention that most of the women who play this sport have big thighs,strong muscular thighs i should say.

How do you play Marco polo?

you play and if you want to play it you have to go in a pool to play it first get some people to play the game and you say Marco and they say polo and you have to try and get some body to be it with you so have fun playing that game

How do you say water polo in french?

Le water-polo (same spelling as the word is borrowed from English, masculine noun)

Combien le score de water polo?

That would translate as: What is the water polo score? Of course, if you are looking for a number I would have to say 7.

How do you say You all play in Spanish?

You all play in Spanish is: Todos ustedes juegan.

How do you say Polo in hawaiian?

Aloha: Not sure of the question, but polo (a sport) in HI is polo 'aina (ground) [I na] or polo wai (water) [v-I]; 2 - polo, the HI'ian word, is 'fat' in english.

How do say play in spanish?


How to say play in spanish?


How do you say play or die in Spanish?

play in spanish is- jugar- who-god die in spanish is- morir- mo-deed

How do you say plays as in soccer in spanish?

jugar is used to say play sport. If your trying to say "to play soccer" you would say "jugar futbol(soccer in spanish)"

How do you say want to play with her in spanish?

In Spanish you would say quieren jugar con ella

How do you say water spanish?

agua fact: how to say may i get water in spanish puedo ir por agua

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